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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Co-op Mode

This sounds pretty epic - new change of battle pace. Like it already. Glad to see a completely different aspect, Ludia!


Omg I’ve been waiting for this forever!!

Cherry on top needs to be this though…

Boosts allowed to be switched between dinos. We should be allowed to use them as we please, we freaking paid for/earned them, and shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to change our team, ESPECIALLY WHEN DINOS STATS CAN BE CHANGED!


Perhaps Rending moves and DoT is the stuff that needs to be modified? So the dinos get alternative moves in their place for Co-op?
Perhaps we’ll get attack-based DoT again.


I wonder if these challenges are like the big mutant hybrid challenges in Jurassic World the Game? Nastier but balanced versions of what have seen as Lord Lythronax et al.


Death Dodo time!

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This has peaked my interest :eyes::eyes::thinking: sounds like it could be fun

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this looks awesome!

That’s the first thing I thought too.

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Holly heck do I have ideas for what this could be! Hyyyypppeeee!

portal 2 flashbacks intensify

Me and the boys taking down the goat

Exciting! Yay!

I bet the top rewards will be easily obtainable because there is certainly not a track record of Ludia releasing a new feature where the best rewards are impossible.

I’m pumped for this. Can’t wait for more deetz.

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Let’s fight the nerfed monomimus in co-op!

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Can’t wait!

Crossing my fingers HARD that this update will be fixing bugs and doing something about speedties.


I’m wondering, bred to battle sounds like they’ll be boosted to heavens and prepare your creatures sounds like boost your creatures to have a slight chance… hope i’m wrong

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I just hope this big update includes fixing the supply drops that was not recognized as a known issue in the latest release notes but yet support was made aware of it a few months ago.


Connection Error and ‘can’t select move glitch’:I’m about to end this alliance’s career


I wonder if lord lythronax will be one of these, “powerful” dinosaurs.