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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Co-op Mode

Ya know, I’d kinda like the supply drops fixed first.
Could just be me but. . .


Megs gonna get some changes from this co-op I bet

Supply drops improvements make a drop in the ocean change to the game compared to a frilly Boss Battle or new creatures.

I rather they dun bother to update the game if they arent gonna fix bugs and bring balance. But the less committed players want more new stuff.

seems a very big update so 1.15.

On Jurassic World The Game we have bosses and are very very powerfull

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Can’t even get friendly battles to work yet. :rofl:


What bug is in supply drops?

When is the update?

I shall be interested to see more details on this. Moreover, exactly why we would want to battle these creatures. But it would be nice to be able to do something with the alliance.

Sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster tho.

The one thing I’ll add is this. Although this looks good and fun, please don’t make it a requirement. In other words, don’t add it to daily or alliance missions.


Fix some actually detrimental bugs and connectivity issues and these will be 100X more fun


considering how something as basic as in-game chat has been broken since day 1, hopefully they hired new programmers for whatever this new stuff is.

gonna guess tryko, magna, gemini and thor are going to be casualties here. they’re about due.


I just hope they may remove some of the unnecessary crap that causes the need to keep restarting the game before adding more stuff to it.


As long as this feature doesn’t introduce new bugs or make existing ones worse, then yeah epic


please give the spinosaurus and velociraptor a little love for this new mode, they have swept the ground with them enough

The negativity in this thread is amazing. We wonder why the devs think talking would be a waste of their efforts.

Look at what has been written here. A feature they are excited to share has been dumped on because forum posters cannot accept that something that they didnt ask for is coming.


Most, myself at least are quite excited(especially these ‘powerful new creatures’). It’s the (valid)fear of more bugs that’s getting to people


I’m curious, what do they mean with rework?
I hope that some dinosaur have new abilities, for example an ankylosaurus can protect others dinosaurs with a shield or maybe some dinosaurs can share their stats up like speed up or ferociousness

Shared abilities? Like shields working for both your creatures and your friend’s creatures? Now that is interesting. Oh, imagine mutual fury boosting literally EVERYONE’s attack! That would be… scary