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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Co-op Mode

Can I just appreciate your name?
Oh my gosh, look, a dinosauwr
What, a Dino? Which one?
Indominos Rax, yah.

This isn’t sarcasm, I absolutely love your user!


It went from being a poor indominus bootleg invented by my 12yo brother (at time) to my username.
such story.

Also about the news, i’d like to see if they’ll just put existing creatures then reinforce their stats, or make a whole new type of creature (Maybe a new rarity ?).
Even if i know such theories will only make me disappointed, since i may be expecting too much actually.

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Im still holding out for them to add Tri-Brids :wink:


Let’s hope Monomimus doesn’t get nerfed in these changes.


a mi gustaría que una de las incubadoras de gracias por actualizar te den ADN legendario para
que por lo menos hacer un híbrido legendario

Translated From Spanish

I would like one of the incubators, thank you for updating to give you legendary DNA for than at least make a legendary hybrid

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

I am very interested in this new update, maybe even intrigued. But everyone, even Ludia should understand that there is a lot of skepticism/fear surrounding the feature and should understand why. I am looking forward to this and I try to keep negativity to a minimum, but there are understandably some fear regarding the this announcement. I’m very excited for this, I almost can’t wait!


There is something that I think we should know as soon as possible and it is related to this phrase

“Your existing dinosaurs will see some changes in order to adapt to the upcoming co-op mode and support a real-time, co-op battle experience. More details and information will be communicated to you in the coming weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are!”

For me it is very important to know if these changes in our creatures could lead to a restart of the boosts. Some players spend boosts every time they get them, but some of us keep saving them until we have a new creature to give them to and it would be very unfair to restart without prior notice. @ned, please keep that in mind.


I’ll share your concerns with our team, xescot. Thanks!


Thank you very much for such a quick response.

Wait what type of changes moves? Color? More specific pls

Most likely stat adjustments and / or ability changes.

you think we’re going to get specifics or naw

Not right now. Maybe before or with the release notes they might give us the specifics.


I should be able to help remove most of the skepticism from the forums…ill just not post :rofl: j/k

Also need to take care of the overly critical members :crazy_face:

But seriously though more PvE would be great, it would give a viable arena alternative and a reason to use dinosaurs, thus making hunting meaningful for those who wont use the “Feature that shall not be named” :slight_smile:

I have always been all for making the game an even split of features to make sure each type of player has a viable option they can use full time…

Like “The feature that shall not be named”? then queue up and battle till your hearts content!
Like strike towers? battle away!
Like hunting? too bad there is a pandemic lol, gotta wait a while till its safe to do so!
Like Pokemon Go? Why? its all Rattata and Pidgey pestilence lol


I agree with you except about Pokemon Go, Niantic has done a good job with Spawns during the Pandemic. They’ve also done plenty of couch- playable events during this


Yeah, you actually rarely see Pidgey and Rattata now since they have event spawns most of the time.


pogo has done a great job and i’ve recently been trying to get back into it. not much i can do during the global crisis, but i find it fun collecting everything. the only thing i don’t like is being forced to make friends for those special research things. i’m going to have to do that to get some of those done.

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Yeah that is a reacuring annoyance. I know where you can find one :wink:

When we’ve gotten an update just about every other month, this doesn’t seem too early to me :thinking: