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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Co-op Mode

Yeah I played for a long time but quit coz the map was like a deserted wasteland lol, there was like 3 PokeStops on my map, and all were miles away.

Dunno what its like these days though, but I still prefer dinosaurs, despite growing up when the first season of Pokemon was still new and had to wait a week between episodes lol.

I remember playing Pokemon Red on my gameboy, and when Yellow came out in colour!

And then Pokemon GOLD! Which was the first game I ever preordered!

You and Ludia both misunderstood the post. Its gone because I insinuated something. I am asking why are they make such bad financial decisions.

I’ll hope back and forth from JWA and Pokemon. Pogo keeps me interested since they make less nonsensical decisions than Ludia does.


Meh, I can stay when I know not to let the whales get to me

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Well this look great actually, hope they finally nerf the christmas chicken and take away the speed up on Cautious Strike, hopefully we get to see the bosses of JWtG in Alive but with better textures

I’m excited. Maybe even some previously garbage dinos will be amazing in this new co-op mode


Hello Ludia, I am from Argentina, May i ask You something? The thing is… now that we are in quarantine for the covid-19, I am asking You if you can get off the maps`s limit or maybe the palyers could move through the map without leaving home, please.

So those players needs to be online at the same time?

Likely it will be you engage then call.for help. So those in your friends list can see who has engaged a boss. Sounds fun but will result in Yuge bugs.


any more updates on this?

Expect to see it released around July.
Most updates takes ~2 Months to be finished, but maybe we’ll get some teasers/patchnotes before.