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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Matchmaking (05/23)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Today we implemented a few improvements to player matchmaking based on recently observed win rates:

  • Maximum search radius has been reduced to a “distance” of 200 points in all Battle Arenas. Note that these are matchmaking points, not Trophy difference: if the users have similar teams but high trophy difference, they could still be matched together.
  • We now consider a player’s Strike Team strength in the matchmaking (and in the awarding of arena trophies ) until 6,500 trophies. Strike Team Strength considers all 8 of the player’s creature levels, rarity and stat boosts into calculating a “Team Strength” score.
  • We give more importance to the user’s trophy count as one gets closer to 7,000 trophies. There is interpolation going from 50/50 trophies/team strength leading to 100/0 trophies/team strength at 7,000 trophies.
  • As of 7,000 trophies a player is regarded as a top-tier expert, as such only the trophy count is considered (regardless of the Strike Team’s strength).

Please keep the AI available to players during the tournament. Sounds like it may take awhile to get matches.

PS I do like the sound of this


Love it


Let’s see… After losing 700 trophies it can’t be worst right?


Just got an AI battle.

Thank you. Easy incubator.


I will likely be fighting alot of bots. There are only 6 people in the +/- 200 range of me.

I’m perfectly fine with that. Grinding bot incubators :+1:t3:


Are the boosts included in the player’s Strike Team strength?

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I didn’t understand the third part… Those at 7k can win or lose up to 100 trophies, is that it?

There is only one person in the game over 7k anyways. Not really important

Yes, but it’s only at 7k right? Not before that…

But I don’t think that’s what it meant. I think it meant that’s the basis of matchmaking calculation. As in the percentage basis. Like a 50/50% split between trophy/team and then the other being 100% trophy based, while nothing being based on team strength

Why not take everyone above 4500 trophies and reset trophies to between 4500 and 5000, scaled like they used to do for tourneys. Then let everyone establish a new pecking order.

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I see. Yeah, makes sense.

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Probably less if they actually had the balls to ban people who exploited the latest boost glitch.


Thank you!!! Battling frustration with winning 10 and losing 50 every time is gone! I have just fought about 20 battles and the smallest gain/loss was 22 and biggest - 38. Much fairer. Thank you again for listening!

P.S.: good to have AI back, too - for all those times you need an incubator or a battle quickly :slight_smile:


Thank you! :grinning:

I noticed earlier today the win/loss range had narrowed but just about an hour ago I still lost 28 trophies to someone 700 trophies above me. Good to know this won’t happen again.

We know you like playing against bots

I guess UniqA***** will keep fighting bots?

According to that scenario. He won’t qualify for matches. He’s over 7k and the basis for matchmaking is 100% trophies with no team weight. And there is nobody in his +/- 200 range lol

Yea that’s what I thought. I would battle all day with AI to get those coins if I were him …