[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Version (1.2.21)


Version 1.2.21
Following the feedback of some players, we have increased the number of supply drops in certain suburbs and rural areas. Let us know if you feel the difference and enjoy!

  • Versions 1.2.17 iOS and 1.2.18 Android will be retired.


Neighborhood used to have 4. Now over a dozen. Thank you.


I already showed the picture in an other thread but… Its way better again just like in the pre-battery removal patch. Now we can go for a walk again. :sunglasses: Thank you very much!




Thank you so much for doing this! :heart_eyes:


It’s weird, my area had loads more yesterday and this evening (gmt) they’ve all gone back to how they were again!


This is one direction, to each side I have about the same amount of supply drops… About 15-20 in a half mile radius.


I noticed a big difference and like that there is a drop right outside my house where a dino will also spawn. I had to go to the end of my road before and almost into the trees to get the other one.


Exactly what @FoeHammer said - I had new supply drops from yesterday midday through early this morning then when AppStore told me I had a new version available I downbloaded it and now the new supply drops are gone. I’m at 1.2.21


My city never got any new drops…


Yep, the new happy supply drops are gone again. :frowning:


As fast as the supply drops came, they vanished. Had great drop dispersion the day prior to the update!


Same. Neighborhood lost 5 of the new ones.


We had several new stops you could actually reach! As soon as they were here, they were gone again. :frowning: Please fix this!


Ever since the new update droppedb my gps has not worked well. It often has me 2-3 blocks from my actual location and it only moves me when I’m traveling about once every 60 seconds. Fix this.