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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Year Event 2020

Happy New Year!

For the 1st of January , you’ll be able to duke it out in an awesome Boss Battle and partake in New Year Treasure Chases for tons of extra Coins and Sanctuary items! You can also find during this time Sanctuary items and New Year scents in Supply Drops!

Happy Playing!


Hello DPG members,

You may have noticed that the New Year scent had not gone out during the holidays. We’d like to apologize for this technical mishap. Please log in to the game today to redeem a Scent of Claws (may also be named Winter Scent) from your mailbox. This scent will be available in your mailbox until January 18th.

Thank you again for your patience. Happy Playing everyone!


Sounds like an great event. Curious what we can find the new year scents.


Exciting stuff!

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Sanctuary items in supply drops!!:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Is it another Lord Lythronax or do we get a new big bad to take on? either way, I’m stoked. This will be my first time fighting one of them.


Why are you shocked by this? Sanctuary items besides Interactions are already available in supply drops anyway.

As for the Boss Battle i’m looking forward to this. Didn’t get to do the Lord Lythronax one.

Goat would be nice.

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Duke Dsungaripterus?
King Koolasuchus?
Major Majundasuchus?
Captain Carnotarkus?
Sergeant Stegodeus?
Emperor Erlidominus?
President Procerathomimus?



I loved Lord Lythronax on April 1 - took me about 8 attempts but it was great to finally defeat him.

Idk why he wipes the floor with my team - a much stronger team - every time now in Campaign 73?! :thinking:

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What’s your team? I managed to defeat him with 2x28 and 2x29. Indoraptor, Tryko, Thor and Utarinex. Lucky with dodges and crits and no crits of Lord. Many attempts, never thought I could do it, but suddenly he was down.

A challenge with a low retry cost would be great. I failed the Lord Lythronax a dozen times before I gave up. My team was just not suitable back then.

Only for Canada again?

I’ve rode around for about 30 mins this morning after the reset and only found the one epic battle. This big challenge has not been seen by me in Florida…

Since when is today 1st January in Florida?

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Ahhh my bad. This week between Christmas and New Years is hard to keep track of.


Since When I mentioned it was today?

Duke Dilophosaurus, because it is part of this week’s Jurassic week and because it was in lunar new year incubator, which is the closest new year rewards.

So was the boss battle just the epic tower with 4x lvl 30 dinos?

Because that was easy. My Utarinex and Carnotarkus took care of that. :joy:

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Really? I smell…

Where are the scents?? Supply drops havent changed.