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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Year Event 2020

Same for me. Clarification needed @Ned and @E.D

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What makes me laugh is they created this topic on 26th November, well in advance of New Years, and then fail to deliver. :unamused:


I appreciate all of the good stuff, but six strikes at once plus treasure chests that fade out instead of disappearing means some of those strikes are going to be hard to find, and for me it’s the stat strike – I can’t see it anywhere. I have no idea which direction to even head in, and it’s winter up here in Canada and the weather’s not conducive to walking around for long. Don’t even get me started on trying to find enough green drops with everything else going on. Strike towers really need to vanish from the map once completed.

There’s a midnight epic strike… but I don’t see it anywhere on the map!

Come on @E.D ! It’s a New Year and same old rubbish lies. When are you guys going to learn to pay attention to what you tell us and what you do ingame?

Bet we won’t get these by the time you are back in the office right? Sick of Ludia claiming stuff and then not delivering on their promise.


You just have to turn ineptitude into a part of the game is all. Make it interesting!

We know the weekly schedule should come out on Sunday. First off, will it be posted on Sunday? It has been late before so there is a chance it will not be posted at all. Next, which medium will it appear on? Twitter, FB or Forum. Forum would be the logical choice, right? But it has not been ‘unlocked’ here and been on Twitter before. Make a guess on it.

Next, how many errors will be in the weekly schedule? I pick 0 to 5. Zero is pretty slim, so a safe bet would be at least one. We are just coming off a long holiday for the Company, so a pretty good bet would be 2 or 3 errors in the next schedule. I am going to go with 3.

Then, what will they be? Incorrect number of attempts has pretty good odds of being there, so does incorrect creature icon. HRmmm… This week I will go with… incorrect number of attempts for creatures. Second one? Hrm…. I would think incorrect incubator icon is a good bet. Hard decision if it will be incorrect incubator or number of attempts. I will go with the incorrect icon. And for my third error guess… I will go with a strike tower being completely missing from the game. One listed in the schedule on Monday will get a few posts here about not being found. An hour or so later the game will reboot, towers and drops will move around and the missing strike will appear.

We can also place some longer term bets. How about, when will the weekly mission rewards change? Or even better, how many weeks will we have the next set of rewards? 1, 2, 3, 4…? The game can be so much more than just darting and battling!!!


Rare event drops expire 24 hours earlier than advertised … if the timer is to be believed …


Anyone actually get a new years scent?

No because they screwed up once again.


This happened once before, when they started putting the last day of commons with the first day of rares at the same time. We ended up getting to start over on the amount of attempts at those dinos, effectively doubling the amount of attempts. I’d love another day of trying to get 18 more rex gen2!

was there a boss battle?

That is a very good point - hoping you are right!

If there was, then it was like 1 strike tower per municipality.

Where did all the green drops go btw?

Rare dinos ended one day earlier.

The only green drop I can see has an indominus under it. Not sure if the rares are still here or not.

They are gone :cry:

I think the boss battle was yesterdays one where it had 4 lvl 30 dinos.

Rares haven’t ended, they are still there for me.

New Year scents? Nah why bother asking.

Boss battle :laughing:
New Years scent :laughing:
Boosts no longer on sale but permanent :laughing:
No green supply drops in sight :laughing:
Ludia taking the week off so they don’t have to respond or fix anything :laughing:

Game is dying more and more every day


They’re back! But I don’t see any indominus.

Yea the freaking rares are back and it is complete crap because I ended up catching about 4 or 5 Rexes at distance because I couldn’t find enough in town… And now they’re back so I could’ve waited til today. Probably a good 800 dna…