[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Year Event (2021)

Happy New Year DPG members :confetti_ball:,

Celebrate the start of a new year with us in the Jurassic World!

To kick off 2021, spark those fireworks :tada: with some of the new creatures we’ve introduced to you all in the last year!

What were your favorite creatures brought to the game in 2020?

Let us know!


Was there any actual information shared here? Just curious what we should be on the lookout for here.

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16 days ago??? Looks like someone needs to be flagged for necroposting…


the necropost limit is 3 months

I’m quite a fan of the various Gorgonopsids.

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I like the effort put into the snakes. All of them look really nice. Probably my least favorite is boa gen 1 (design-wise), and it isn’t bad. Also like testacornibus and scutosaurus

Tbh, I like the new dog-type mammals the most. But almost every new creature is amazing :heart_eyes:

where is the Antarctovenator on the map?


Definitely disappointed that the only unique that was to be seen was the deer. Nobody else saw anything different sadly sigh


Where is antarctovenator on the map. After 1h driving with car , I darted the deer . I am very disappointed .

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