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[News] Jurassic World Alive | New Year Legendary ESD Redo


Hello DPG Members,

The team is aware of the issue with Arctalces not appearing during the New Year Legendary ESD event. We apologize for this inconvenience and we will be fixing and rescheduling this event at a later date. This thread will be updated when the details have been finalized.

Thank you for your understanding!

UPDATE January 11,2022:

The event has been fixed and the Legendary New Year ESD run will restart on January 15th 10:00 AM ET and end January 16th 10:00 AM ET in addition to the Epic Stun ESD event that is also scheduled during then.

Thanks everyone!


All we asked for, thanks and happy new year to the Ludia crew.


As forewarning and a request, when rescheduling the event, if arctalces is to spawn with other legendaries, let us have more than one attempt or have the spawn pools different. This is so we don’t get the short end of the stick when we only get one attempt on any when one was supposed to have spawned in an earlier event.



For those of us that drove around looking and never shot anything do we get his dna in the mail?? Probably not…. But you have lost my VIP subscription….


Hey, we get to dart 2 legendaries!

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Well that’s one issue from the holiday period down, just the one no-ones bothered acknowledging/ responding to yet!


Usually when these things happen it’s recommended to just dart anything, then you’ll be able to dart a 2 legendary, when you can’t find something in events my best advice would to check forums if anyone is having the same issue or maybe If you’re in the GP discord server ask there :+1:

Because they were on holiday. There was a post about it

Thank you. I did not end up darting anything on Saturday in case it was fixed, so I’d like 2 attempts please

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This happens all the time. You should never not do it because they have been known for doing this and will usually put it in another time. That’s kinda on you too

Thank you for fixing this Ludia. Happy new year. I am not complaining because I just get 2 dart 2 of the New Year event legendrys,

I agree. I would want to dart the other legendarys from a different event but ludia may do it a week where we cannot dart any legendarys.

If they seriously gave the entire workforce the entirety of the last two weeks off while operating games 24/7/365 thats ridiculous…

Yeah. It was just kind of a “hey try not to do this” comment for ludia. Otherwise we all know they would jsut plop it in with something like para lux or some other equally desirable legendary and only give us 1 attempt.

They literally had a whole post telling us what’s gonna happen, and seeing as the case has been that way for the past 3 years or so, you should’ve known

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Thanks for the update on it.


Do you mean the hybrid Arctalces*?


But seriousely… The world would be a better place if it was called Cervacles and Arctacles

Prove me wrong