[News] Jurassic World Alive | North American Event 2022

Bust out the Fireworks and Barbecues because our North America event is back! :fireworks:

We’ll be celebrating Canada Day and the 4th of July with events and offers showcasing our favorite Canadian, feathered, colorful, and brilliantly striped stunners this entire week!

Between June 29th to July 5th, check your map for special Event Supply Drops over the week to collect more of these special feathered creatures, or grab them all now in the Showcase Incubator. Face off against a team of the most colorful creatures standing between you and this Strike Event Reward. Take them down to earn prizes!

During this week, test your Trial battle skills in a fight against a team of creatures dedicated to this special occasion. Bring 3 Cunning creatures to fight!

And lastly, collect up to 25,000 coins during this time with the special themed Treasure Chase.

Happy North American Festivities!


Birds again? Weak week… :face_vomiting:


What’s wrong with birds? :confused:



striped stunners or stripped stunners? BIG difference in the 2 :rofl:


I expect to see apex hast raid everyday this week

Weak Week huh? I beg to differ


Yeah ! And it looks like Struthio is on the lists :partying_face:

It’s about time we can dart Struthiomimus.


Yes, new chicken Alloraptor flock is good. And it’s rare component.
Everything else is just meh…

I will close my beaj and happily take Haast and Rhinch dna, My boi Pouka will be pleased😅

Struthiomimus (that you need for Fuku) says hi.


Not bad. Two continental exclusives and a rare exclusive dartable

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I never said they were

I know. Just saying i like them

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Europe says hi. They are like pests here.
Fukui maxed and Struthiomimus at visual cap.

Not everyone lives in Europe lol. I actually think this is a really good event with a lot of options for people depending on what they are focusing on in the game. CHaast is still very good in tournaments and there are 3 “exclusive” epics to choose from depending where you live. All of the rare creatures are exclusive and while the commons aren’t exactly something to write home about, they aren’t bad either.


I’ll get Allodrigues only from Darting

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Forget Canada Day

Its all about Stranger Things 4 lmao

But seriously hoping to get a ton of alberto and trudy

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