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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Orange Supply Drop Issue (Nov 25, 2019)

Hello fellow DPG members,

The team is aware of the current issue with the orange Supply Drops. We are currently working on the fix.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE (Nov 25, 2019):

Hello again fellow DPG members,

The orange Supply Drops locking issue is now fixed. Please restart your game to ensure you no longer experience the lock. Should you continue to experience it, please send an email to with your Support Key.

Thanks again for your patience.


You mean, " The lamppost"? Or a box that defied gravity?

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That is a relief. Here I thought I would need to bring it up with the staff

:thinking: which one…

Referring back to my post, not to confuse.



And the game is hanging when I try to rotate one… restartes de game… nothing. Logged out and in again… nothing. The green ones are working beautifully.
Hint. They do not flash when within the 150 m circle as they did before the issue

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I have rebooted the game… nope
I have reinstalled the game…nope
Sent you an email, as requested, as I have only seen 2 orange supply drops all day. The rest are all green

Ditto the above, so it’s absolute nonsense to say it’s fixed!

Not only no orange stops, but no strike towers either for the second week running.

My L4 park neighborhood had no orange drops, none even in sight. I found scattered clusters of them in nearby residential neighborhoods. A few areas had quite a few, more than green drops and it was a nice mix. There did not appear to be a pattern as to the residential neighborhoods with lots of orange and neighborhoods with only a few. I did not hit any of my regular larger parks to see what the population of drops was.