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[News] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Matchmaking and Mitigating Last Tournament’s Exploit


Hello fellow DPG members,

Due to last week’s AI exploit in Tournaments, players who did not encounter any AI were penalized and ended up being bumped down in the rewards tier. In light of this, we have collected data to identify these players. Early next week, we will be sending additional rewards to those selected few so they get their full reward based on their new tournament ranking. These rewards will be located in the in-game mailbox.

In addition, the following changes have been pushed today (05/10):

  • There is now a limit cap of 9,000 trophies in PvP (this will be active until Update 1.8)
  • When a player is in the last arena (Aviary), they can be matched with people that have between 4,300 and up to 9,000 trophies - Note that arenas below Aviary still have a limit of 200 points of difference.

Thank you all once again for your patience and feedback.

Bonus cash for the first tournament
Wrong Trophy Count - Matchmaking Issues

that doesnt solve much or am i wrong? the trophy cap.


this definitely makes sense.


to push us all up?


anything on boosts yet? or soon?

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is there a minimum of ai usage that they can have? like if a player got bored of waiting and used ai a handfull of times or even 1 time? are they still “blacklisted”?


I played against AI to see if it was true. I’m sure I won’t get any rewards. Plus, I stopped playing as soon as I heard about the exploits
Why does ludia take always the hardest way to solve problems? Instead of just taking the rewards away from the cheaters and call it a day




This whole post is like what?

I mean good for the people who played all weekend and didnt use bots… you get a reward and thats great.

But a ton of us… saw the exploit… tested the exploit… quit playing the tournament.

This announcement would have been great last Saturday…


Aviary is gonna be a huuuuuuge mess


This. @Jorge please take note of this. Most of us just stopped playing once the exploit was known. That was Friday, so, you’re really not doing much ludia


they took the easist route for both… worst of all the cheaters keep their cash.

and now they are done for the weekend… while the torches go a flame…


We’ll give you more info as soon as it’s available, guys.


If i have to be fodder for those at 9k trophies so be it… ive certainly had enough fodder thrown at me this week.


if i have to fight high trophies please put the boosts back in the store :joy:


That’s great. But what about:

  • Disabled AI for regular arena
  • Game stucks every time you win a battle
  • New Timed out errors on tournament.

This post and information were actual a week ago. Now we have new bugs and troubles. And of course this weekend you will not solve them.


You guys at the top dont need ai now… you get to play people at 4300. In theory you should have fast ques.

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Wait so theres a 200 bracket below avairy?

So how can someone at 9000 play someone at 4300?

The person at 4300 is in the 200 bracket?

Have i missread something


I posted yesterday that i thought it was unfair for my boosted team at 4600 was regularly fighting unboosted teams at 4300…

Now it looks like the guys at 5k+ will also get to beat up on the people at 4300…

If i had an unboosted team above 4300 id spend this weekend getting under 4300.


But there own statement argues with itself people under 4500 only get matched 200 point difference but

4300 can be matched with 9000

Makes no sense
@Ren clarification?

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