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[News] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Matchmaking and Mitigating Last Tournament’s Exploit

This makes no sense whatsoever. I’m hovering around 4600-4800. The boosts were bad enough to contend with but now I get to put my mid 20s team up against all 30s?

Now I need to decide if I’m gonna jump ship like so many others or drop myself down to Lockwood so I only have to contend with the Boost Pigs…

Ludia REALLY does hand it over to the top tier.


They love the word “mitigate”


so basically those that exploited the AI bug, won large sums of cash that they then spent exploiting the infinite boost bug come out as the real winners. and now get to use their ill-gotten team to fight people with 25ish team averages

more like Jurassic World Dead


Whats amazing here is this is to fix the que times of the top players cause they have boosted themselves to a point they cant find a match. And I dont blame them they need matches like everyone else.

But this issue was cause it took them 4 days to fix the speed boost bypass and allowed unlimited boosts on Monday.

So clearly the solution is to allow unbalanced match making.


You already flag me? Nice

results in… :joy:


So if this for people who didn’t exploit the bug or didn’t fight AI at all? Because I fought once to verify forums it was giving medals, and once after midnight update to see if they fixed it…

I remember last week when Ludia finally communicated in the forum that they have heard the community about the stats boost exploit and they are looking into it. Then the Ludia-cheerleaders were like: “yeay! See that? Ludia does listen and they are working on the issue. So everyone stop complaining!”…1 week later and Ludia announces this rediculous new matchmaking as a solution :joy::joy::joy:. Where are those Ludia-cheerleaders now :rofl:?


@Jorge @Ned @Ludia_Developers guys… look at @CleverBoy ‘s post just above… (thanks for pointing that out, @CleverBoy) you can’t be serious about this… are you really trying to bury the game once and for all? Here we are expecting something to be fixed and after days without any good news this is what you tell us? Why must you devs be so difficult and so complicated :fearful::fearful::fearful: I dont mean to sound rude, I’m genuinely concerned and confused… sorry for tagging the forum mods, figured it was a good way to get you to see this (I know you see it lol no need to post “:eyes::mag:”)

(Edited to add the post mentioned lol)


They must have the executive magic 8-ball. Mine never had batteries. My little triangle always floated up and said, “You’re a Loser”. I hated my magic 8-ball. :man_shrugging:

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How is this closely matched?
Well done this game is in its final march to its death


This is how ludia makes decisions.


Nope. Say that again

Players will drop below 4,300 trophies until they’re fully boosted to go. Glad I’m not 4,300. I was getting close but I’m not ready for that.

But I’m afraid this will trickle down and effect the players close to 4,000 aswell. Since I think people will do what I just said lol.

So what your telling me is that my son’s level 17 account that sits right at 4500 could be placed against top 10 players… That his level 23 dinos could be pushed against level 30 boosted? Hmm sounds about right.

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You could have atleast given people in avairy
Some kind of reason to stay there other then that lucrative pteradon dna… cause this is just gonna lead to a tone of people dropping on purpose to avoid this type of match making.



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Exactly this !
What on earth are Ludia thinking ?
Any team in aviary could be fighting each other , so the top teams in the game get to mince teams like mine that just about scrape into aviary ?
How can that be fair for goodness sake ?
Who came up with such a crazy idea ?


They should just add more battle arenas. Especially now with JW Extinction