[News] Jurassic World Alive | PVP Season Trophy Reward Change

Trophy Distribution Improvements

Starting your JWA Arena Progression just got easier! As of the October 2022 PvP Season (which will kickoff October 5th, 2022 11:00 AM ET) we’ve rebalanced trophy rewards in the early game to help new players climb the ranks quicker and unlock more rewards.

Before the change, players received 30 trophies for winning any battle, and lost 30 trophies for losing any battle, with a 10 trophy variance in either direction based on if your opponent is weaker than you or stronger than you.

With the release of the October 2022 PvP Season, we’re changing the trophy rewards early game players receive based on their total amount of trophies. This will allow players with fewer trophies to collect them faster, getting out of the early Arenas and into the real fight sooner! See the specific Trophy reward table below:


Note that the 10 trophy variance is still included. This means that, if facing an opponent stronger than yourself in the 0-499 Trophy bracket, you could win up to 55 Trophies! If facing an opponent weaker than yourself in this bracket, you will win 35.

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