[News] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Seasonal (January 31, 2020)


Hey fellow DPG members,

The team has fixed the Stygimoloch Seasonal Tournament issue. You are now able to claim your proper seasonal rewards!

If you are still experiencing trouble with the Stygimoloch Seasonal Tournament rewards, please do feel free to contact our support team at support+alive@ludia.com

The team thanks you all again for your patience and understanding.


Hello again fellow DPG members,

Due to server and visual issues, we have ended the Stygimoloch Seasonal Tournament prematurely. We will be rolling out each Seasonal Tournament players proper rewards in the coming weeks. The team is still working very hard on getting everything back on track.

An update in regards to the rewards will be going out in the next upcoming days.

The team thanks you all again for your patience and understanding.

Hello fellow DPG members,

Due to a downtime with our servers, you may notice some visual abnormalities in the Leaderboard section. The team is aware and is working on getting everything back on track!

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Thanks for letting us know!
Plus it was just stygi g1 anyways, it’s fine lol

It’s Stigymoloch, who cares??


i don’t think it was the reward that people cared about. but rather the high score that could be drastically lower (or higher) between seasons.

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I care! D:


then i stand corrected.

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Para is one of my favorite hybrids. I would love for her and Anky to be my first lvl 30s. She’s nearly 27 right now and Anky is 28.


after i complete my dinodex, i’m going to start working on 30s. i really want allorap to be my first, but that will play out how it plays out. (stupid exclusive dinos.)

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I love alloraptor too, That Allo dna is going to be my end.

Another one I’m fond of is Thor, not because of its kit or how easy it is to over boost (mine is weak in comparison to what I face), but Thor is absolutely gorgeous. Its green and ahhh… I’m a sucker for really pretty green dinos.

Not Procera though, too much green, and its got clashing colors.

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I feel you to an extent. I reached a personal high, but I can’t quite get to Gyro.

I’ve hit 5497 three times. :sob:

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I’m showing my total from last month along with Ambourgiana as the reward. Anyone else?

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Every one , there is a post from moderators about it

I’ll take Arambo instead of Stygi!!!


Everytime something like this happens it makes me feel bad for all the players who play for ages earning their high scores -_-!
I think the devs need a bit more focus or experienced ones or something, there are far too many issues going on!


I had planned and timed everything to hit top 75 by monday…
Guess I’ll try again next season.
Can’t win them all.
On the bright side, I was significantly higher than I was last tourney 3 days out. :slight_smile:

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I dun care about rank. Only trophies and only up to 6450. After that doesnt matter.

Will there be a final rankings displayed in the game or the forum to lét us know the official final result?

yeah it was for stiggy, so this could have happened on day 1 of the season and we’d all be fine with it

It is the second time that Ludia doesnt let players fight at the end of a season for better position. Last time the timer in the game went wrong so as I didnt know when the season ended. As it is an important goal for me to reach as high as possible these issues are unacceptable for me.

Let me guess. You’re the guy who leaves to go to work at your usual time in bad weather. You get to work late and blame it on the weather instead of your poor planning…

You had all month to get a high rank.