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[NEWS] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Seasonal (January 31, 2020)

Let me guess. You’re the guy who leaves to go to work at your usual time in bad weather. You get to work late and blame it on the weather instead of your poor planning…

You had all month to get a high rank.


you can’t always predict when a server will break or what caused it.
at my work, the server that has our email as well as our ad server was continuously cutting out over 2 days. ( 1. work in a newspaper. 2. the techs said something was taking up all the bandwidth, thus causing the issue.)
it took a few days to find what was causing the problem because they couldn’t pinpoint it.

all i’m saying is, not every server issue can be predicted and prevented. They also take time to figure out and sort out the problem. More so when you have to search everyone’s account and give out appropriate rewards.

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Sorry, but that is the worst excuse ever!

@Vallac is absolutely right to say that this is unacceptable.

No company that wants to be taken as a serious one relies on one server only! Not mentioning that this company is based on its servers in order to distribute its goods which are the games!

So no, a company at this size must predict and prevent any of those minor issues that can occur anytime but you cannot use these excuses when you sell a product that is so expensive!


i never said it wasn’t unacceptable.
and from your replay you feel everyone should be omniscient and know when things are going to break so they should have a perfect fix ready and implemented.
Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. you can try and predict it all you want, but things won’t always turn out how you expect them to.

i’m not totally trying to defend Ludia in this case, but trying to offer a reason as to why something like this could’ve happened.

for all we know their initial checks, double checks, and triple checks could’ve been perfectly fine. Then all of a sudden something messed up. It could’ve been when they were working on something else, it just happened, or an external factor.

if you can honestly tell me you have never had anything unexpectedly break or stop working, then i’ll drop the argument.

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This was not the first time that something went wrong. Thats why I wrote what I did.

I fully disagree. I expect this game to become more bugy and less enjoyable every day and I get what I expect :cry:


Thank you E.D. for relaying this message. I appreciate you keeping the players in the loop…

There is a timeframe given by Ludia to reach as high as I can. They set these rules, they cant say that I am not fast enough. And I dont go to work sooner than I should just to make sure I am on time, because I dont have to and they wont pay me for the extra time I spend there. It should be some VERY bad wheather that causes me to be late. The same is true for this game.

I never said you said it either!

No, not everyone!

No, not totally. I would say about 90%!

If you don’t work for Ludia why you try to offer a reason?

Do you have any special information about that, cause I don’t and I would be happy to see as well.

A lighning stroke and burned all the servers down?

Do you think that there is someone over the servers all the time and watching them? Do you have any idea what a server is and what its purpose?
So even if they were working on something else (?) and the server failed, automaticaly a second server should work in its place, okay?

In my house? Countless times. In my office? Countless times.
Did this “non of my own error” effected any of my paing customers?

No… no problem then.
Yes… What did I do?
I give the product for free with my most appologetic face and hopping the client will choose me again despite the delay I may caused.

So yeah, even though a company of this size shouldn’t have those kind of issues, if something like this happens they should take their most appologetic face and give everyone that was playing in this Seasonal PvP top prize.
I don’t think anyone would have anything bad to say!!

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There is people who cares.
Me too.

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Is 1.13 coming?

Wait so we aren’t getting the Stygimoloch dna?? I actually needed that :sob:

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From the updated post.

Actually id say its more like you heading to work on a normal day and getting there and finding the office closed without any warning.

Also players (who may be customers) are perfectly justified to expect an efficient service and a working game, its called quality assurance!


Got my highest score of 5884 and now it’s gone. Dropped by more than 100 points. Fix this ASAP!

The season has ended prematurely as stated. They will take what your highest score was before the glitch and send out the rewards in the upcoming week. The new season starts Monday.

You dont have it

I believe we will.

So when are we going to receive Stigymoloch DNA? I needed that for my Paramoloch…

They will be giving it out via in game mail over the coming weeks.