[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Boss Increase


Hello DPG Members,

We would like to share some exciting news with the community! Effective today, the team has increased the presence of Raids on the map. This change was implemented due to extended lockdowns and curfews in select areas around the globe. We would like to note that while the number of Raid Bosses has increased, their spawning will remain random. As such, some players may not see this difference right away.

Happy playing!




Can we keep this after the pandemic ends? This is the sort of QOL thing which we appreciate - raids are more of a sitting down activity rather than a ‘standing on the street corner while looking like a weirdo for 30 minutes’ activity.


This is a great plus. it’s been hard to find the lobby of a raid you want without asking 10-20 people.
I would like to keep this in the game and not just because of a pandemic. It would be incredibly helpful to those who can’t go out for varying unrelated reasons.


Superb! Thanks Ludia :grin:

No wonder I’m seeing all of them. This is epic


Thank you Ludia!

Didn’t even see this before, I was wondering how 4 people in my alliance had rex raid, thank you Ludia

I am getting so many invites :star_struck:

A welcomed change to be sure!

Me too, this is amazing!

Why do you lie to people? There’s barely any increase on my map or that of anyone I know.

Maybe you will get it later

Just because you don’t see any doesn’t mean they lied


It’s not guaranteed just an increased rate

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There’s really no need for you to go to bat for Ludia on this.

Silly question perhaps, but did the number of bosses actually decrease before? Because now my map kinda looks like what it used to.

It increased in my case

With two raids bosses on radar

They did state

So it doesn’t make sense to accuse them of lying so early on, especially when everyone else so far has seen positive results