[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Boss Increase

You do that, and I’ll call it how it is, thanks.

i see 8 bosses total on my map. it used to be maybe 3. and i can see all 4 today. definitely an improvement on spawn rate, but it is still random.

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I mean, it used to be 8 before. Like in November or so, don’t really remember.

at least for me, usually 3-4 on the map with 1 in immediate range. then the rest a good bit away.

My map looks like how it used to be when raids first launched. There was definitely a reduction in between updates.

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I knew something had changed when I saw 5 bosses around me instead of 2.


That’s awesome, now add that you can get small amounts of DNA from Dino’s you beat in PVP since getting out and hunting Dino’s is different during a pandemic.

This is awesome, it took you way too long to react though.

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although this may just be the good thing that comes before…
[News] Jurassic World Alive| Green Drops Decrease spawn rate

You are not calling it how it is though.

The fact I currently have 3 different bosses in my circle, plus an additional 6 outside of my circle, and the fact that my group of friends I raid with had no problems getting a lobby proves to me it has increased. And already pointed out to you is that some players may not see this difference straight away.

This means, in simple terms, that you are one of those players, unfortunately, and I am one of the players that have already seen the difference.

You claiming they are lieing is a joke. I for one dislike Ludia a lot, but claiming they are lieing when they clearly are not is low.


Don’t give them ideas, especially not that


If they increase it by such a minuscule amount that I and most people I know don’t notice, it might as well be lying. I’d also hesitate a rebuff to nerfed spawn rates an “increase.” Do what you want, but I’ll call it how it is, thanks.

OK whatever dude, keep ignoring us lol

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I wouldn’t call 9 on my map a miniscule amount.

You are just one of those that won’t see it immediately. But the important aspect here is that those of importance “know” that raid spawns have increased significantly.

Have a nice day now.


3 of my raid group had at least 1 apex boss in range today when the past 3 days we’ve had to ask around to find a lobby. all of us have seen an increase in the amount of bosses we can see on the map with at least 2 of us having more than one in range. i personally went from seeing 3 on the map in my location to seeing 8. and from seeing 2 different bosses to all 4. there definitely has been an increase in spawn points if i’m seeing double what i was just yesterday or even the past few weeks.


Before this announcement was even made on the forum, we had several people on our discord mention a difference in seeing more bosses on the map so it is definitely noticeable to people. I went from just having a Rexy on top of my house to being able to see ALL the bosses (albeit outside of my circle lol). That being said, it would be cool if you can start a raid lobby if the raid is outside the circle but you can still see and click on it.

I hope other changes like this are being considered (such as with event stops) as we all continue to navigate the “new normal”.


tenor (2)

I don’t get why there would even be a reduction in numbers of raids on maps in the 1st place, it really shouldn’t need boosting, surely its in the games best interest for everyone to be able to play.

Its a similar thing with strike towers and green stops, making them scarce or concentrating them in parks on cetain days, surely only harms the playerbase long term?

Totally agree with @Piere87, the ability to click on strike towers and raid bosses, in view on the map, would make play safer in these days of more easily spread covid.

Or re apply the changes made last year, so more strike towers and the weekly incubator instead of treasure chases please.


I went from 0 raids on my house or from work, in nearly 3 weeks and today I had 3 on my house. So I’m going to say nice job for now. I’ll see next week if its better.

I do think we should maybe have a longer raid reach. If you can see it you should be able to do it perhaps. But nice anyways. Keep improving aspects.


Agree. I Was even stopped by the police because they thought I Was some sort of Thief wandering the Streets with my iPad looking for Homes to break into. :confused::grinning: