[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Festival Event 2021

Who’s the boss? Is it you?

Enjoy two weeks of Raid fest and participate in events and offers celebrating Raids and the creatures that perform well within them.

During this time between September 20th until October 3rd, explore your Map to find this week’s best featured creatures, or collect them in the Showcase Incubator to fight those challenging Raid Bosses.
Select those creatures to face off against Raid Bosses in this special Strike Event!
Bring any 3 creatures to the fray in this special Trial Event

Additionally and exclusively during this Raid Festival, the Carnotaurus Raid will be making an appearance on Saturday in addition to the normal Tuesday spawn!

And of course, open Coin Chase boxes every hour and collect up to 25,000 coins!

Be sure to show those Raid Bosses who the real Boss is!


O yea!!! Let’s go!! Anyone who gets the schedule for this, please tag me!


Will do! I’m excited!

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That’s a nice thought, but it’s not remotely enough to meet the demands for Carnotaurus DNA now (especially for future players who will miss this event). Please just make Carnotaurus a global anytime spawn!


This is gonna be awesome! Need that Carno DNA so much! And for two weeks, hope they pick good creatures.

*The information is considered not final and subject to change if necessary


Wait so this is a special raid week?

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well if touramoloch isnt in this im gonna be concerned cuz its one of the main things pretty needed for raids


so trex again, and brachi and 2 unique is this real, 2 weeks, with unique and legend


interesting event. how about a 1 time dart chance at the apexes? that would be an amazing event.


Oh please not.

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Neat! Thank you for thinking of how much carnotaurus DNA people need right now

Wait we will be able to dart apexes?? No no NO!


I also don’t see the need to dart Apexes, but I also don’t understand why people would be so opposed to it. It’s available to everyone, so you’ll still be ahead by just as much.


He’s saying players who use the instant 500 dna mod will get an advantage if they can dart apex


well at least paramoloch and tuojiango both are ingredients of tuora, but you’re totally right, most used dino in unique/apex raids

So you are telling me that we can dart apex maybe .i could get my first apex faster

For once Ludia does something good​:grinning::smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin::laughing:


Oh that would be bad. What is this mod?

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