[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Festival Event 2021

There are mods?

Something very obviously against ToS. And now that it has been mentioned on an official ludia post…

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How can they tell tho

Im not saying i do it

Lol im just kidding if ludia allows apex to be darted they would go homeless Ludia did you really think I would be all happy or forgive you.In your dreams you guys can’t do anything right and you expect us to respect you and follow rules when you can’t even do the right thing and people will respect you

Well if that’s the case that’s more of a problem with the mod and going against the ToS than with the ability to dart apexes during a limited event. It gives those players who use the mod an advantage in everything. Apparently Apexes aren’t even worth going for anymore anyway.

if they’re worried about someone cheating to get a better dna score on a creature, thats an issue for Ludia to solve and not a reason to not put out an event with said creature. will ludia allow us to dart Apexes? i have no clue. i personally would like to have another way to obtain apex dna if their raids are going to remain on their rigid schedules.


I really want one and im not sure im getting one ever

Yeah cheaters can exploit pretty much anything if they want to, it’s not reason not to add a feature for the rest of us (generally speaking).

Dont see a reason to dart apexes.

Raids are fun, just try to change the strat now and than. Thats why they are on the map…
If you do these like everyone else you get even these maxed :woman_shrugging:

them not being fun isnt the issue. i have maybe 1 hour a day to do any raids. finding a group, someone with a lobby and getting invites to work can take much longer. good for you that your’re available all day for raids. many players arent. not when you work 12 hours a day


I wish the legendaries have 5 attempts

Well consider that ludia want to make sure other raid creatures like Diloracheirus get some form of recognition

More carnotaurus stomping around the map to block stops with their weirdly massive hitbox? :frowning:

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SWEET SWEET DIPLODOCUS! I can’t wait to dart it!

What hitbox?

idk how else to describe it, it’s personal space? Collision thing? Basically the area that surrounds it that lets you tap on it to start the raid.

I’m just used to calling a hitbox lol

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Oh i think i get it!

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Yay! Half a fuse per week… Went out of my way to collect 1 multifuse yesterday and got 60. With that extra raud i dont know man… Anything is possible :joy:

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Bring Sinoceratops raid on Fridays.
And Friday is considered a working day so we need more raids on Friday.