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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Invites Issue - 01/25/21

Hello DPG Members,

We’ve received reports that Raid Invitations are not working as intended and our team is working diligently on a fix. While there is no exact ETA on when this issue will be resolved, the team is aiming to have this fixed with a future update. We do apologize for any inconvenience experienced.

Thank you for your continued support.


Thank you for acknowledging the issue and giving us the team’s plan of action.


thanks for updating us its been 2 weeks now ive created soo many raids logged out and back in with each clan member doing same and still 99% of raids fail mesg appears,clan is going bananas in lost dna amd wasting so much time trying,there losing out on team missions darting time battles etc lets hope your guys sort it ASAP.not sure but some say they have more success on non ios devices Many Thanks Andy

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While you’re fixing that, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a raid chat so that we don’t have to keep using third party apps to communicate


^ Let’s focus on fixing the actual problem so that we can start raiding again before we ask for features to be included. While it would be awesome to be able to chat while in the lobby to discuss strategies and pick the right dinos, we don’t want to overload Ludia… as the raid part of the game has been broken for quite some time and they are just now acknowledging it.


« The team is aiming to have this fixed in a future update » so you are acknowledging an issue two weeks afterwards while it’s been reported since day one after the last update dropped and with no actual resolution date. What a customer service !


^ It’s a passive way of saying “we acknowledge there’s a problem but don’t have a fix for it yet.” Because if they actually said that, then people would grag their pitchforks and torches.


could’ve also had a patch that would work for a short time, but by the time the next update is implemented, it could break again. if they say future update, they’re gonna wanna make sure that their fix doesn’t break when we got to 2.5, which i think is better than getting a fix for a week or two then having it be broken again.


Thank you so much for this communication, I and many others probably wanted an announcement on this so thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Side note: The same issue is happening in Friendly Battles, will you be fixing them too?

Thanks Ludia, I experienced this problem when I was trying to start a raid, really hope that is going to be fixed soon.

What plan?

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if you have an apple you have problem doesnt happen on android i got people to puttle apple in the discord name os i knew to tag them so they could reludia…err reboot :stuck_out_tongue:

Update comes out today! Invites fixed??? Nope


yep i can report didnt fix a thing for the apple folk

They need to give all players a small amount of each bosses DNA to compensate for this mess! I guarantee many are missing out on Dna because they can’t get teams together!

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Hey everyone, please note the 2.4.33 version update release from yesterday will not address the Raid issue but rest assured it is still invested to be fixed as soon as possible!


also another little thing if you start a raid and it looks like it is going to time out loose focues on the scren like hoit the home button or whatever and then go back it discconects reconnects this has worked for me a few times but if its not you causing the issue its a good idea to tell the folk your raiding with this tip so they can all do it…timeouts sucks nearly as bad as teaing up raids :stuck_out_tongue:

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Step one: try rebooting your phone

Step two: try restarting your software

Step three: try deleting and reinstalling you software.

Step four: try submitting a complaint through a system where you cannot submit pictures or videos of the problem you are specifically having. Maybe a member of our team will reach out to you to only repeat steps 1-3.

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Preach my guy, preach!

cool bro top :+1::+1::+1: