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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Invites Issue - 01/25/21

Perhaps, while you’re at it, have a good look at the friendly battle invitations as well (especially since that problem has been occurring much longer than the raid invitation trouble) :innocent:

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4 weeks and still not working wow … very long and any new communication about that issue

Is there any chance of an update on when the raid issue will be fixed? It’s been over a Month now and all iOS users are just falling further behind on the Apex raids.
It’s funny how fast ludia can fix something,when they were giving away multiple incubators for one purchase it was literally fixed in miniutes!

Not only are they still broken on iOS, as of today they’re broken on Android too. We’re all having to restart to see any new raid invites.

Took me 20 minutes to get into a mortem raid. Kept getting this message, even if I didnt leave.

I believe that means you were removed from the raid lobby by the owner of the raid

You want us to raid, yet the friends list and invite system are broke. Fixing that is a QOL improvement we can get behind. 5 raids a day, and I spend more time rebooting than actually raiding. This includes the 4 round raids. Cmon.

Topic merged into a 28 day old topic with no fixes or Comms on fixes. Thanks.

I wasn’t. They were actually raiding and it showed me in the raid. While I was either in the lobby or getting booted.

I confirm that the issue is not fix ! I all the time have to restart my app to receive raid invitations … the update are very desapointed for me …

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Yep! I’m tired of trying to raid, I couldn’t invite anyone fir over a month, then it worked for a week an u guessed it, unable to invite again. I see the top players have lvl 28, raid bosses! Obviously they’re not having invite problems. It’s so frustrating, I’ve msg help many times. Usual answer is they’re aware an working on it!!

Dear Ludia,
Fix the darn raid invitations already!

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