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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Invites (July 21,2020)

What’s happening about the people that can’t get on their accounts anymore? It’s been 3 days now for me and I’ve missed out on raids all together. Spent a lot of money on this game and can’t even play it at all atm.

Can ludia add a hybrid for trystonix please.I have mine on level 20 and I want it to have a hybrid next update.Who else agrees with me?

Tryo can’t get a hybrid as it is already a super-hybrid, as it is fused from another hybrid.

True tryko cant have another hybrid cuz it already is a super hybrid

You were talking about Tryo, which is what I was talking about. Both Tryo and Tryko are super-hybrids regardless of rarity.

I was trying to say that the hybrid of baryonx which is trystonix should get a unique hybrid cuz i want it ti have a unique hybrid since trystonix is really good and powerful so i wanna see it get a hybrid

I understand what you were saying, but Tryo is a super-hybrid which means it cannot get a unique hybrid.

Yeah it is pretty powerful

To help you understand this. There are 2 types of hybrids in JWA.

Super Hybrid

A Hybrid is two creatures fused together. A hybrid can be anything from Rare to Legendary.

A Super Hybrid is a creature and a hybrid fused together. A Super Hybrid can be anything from an Epic to Unique.

So sadly Tryo is the end of the line for that hybrid.

Aw man I really wanted it to get a hybrid though :frowning:

Well except tenato…it’s doesn’t have any epic ingredients

That has nothing to do with what I was saying.

R.I.P tryo it cant get a hybrid :sob:

This dino also cannot get a hybrid :frowning:

I think this hybrid should get a unique hybrid who else agrees with me?

He already has a “Carnotarkus” hybrid. I don’t know if it would be a good idea for an Epic hybrid to have a Unique Super Hybrid … would be difficult to have more legendary super hybrids.

Not at the moment. One day it may be possible for him to get a hybrid, but that is far from happening!

With the introduction of Apex bosses it is unlikely they would consider adding a super-super-hybrid.

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Well I guess that dino wont get a hybrid

Do u guys think this should get a legendary hybrid cuz we have some hybrids and dinosaurs that look like this hybrid but no legendary dinosaurs look like this hybrid