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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Tips

Happy Friday DPG members!

We hope the Release Notes have gotten you pumped and ready for the update. Last week we shared a little sneak peek with you, and now we’d like to start your weekend off with a few tips for the new Raids.

Take a look and prepare for battle!

  • A different Boss roams the Map each day from Monday to Thursday. Follow the Raid Calendar to find who’s next, and remember that Bosses retreat on Fridays and aren’t seen again until the following Monday!

  • Raid lobby creators can set their lobby to Private or Public. A Private Raid is invite only, while a Public one means any player that is able to access the same Boss as you on the Map can join your Raid lobby!

  • Raids have creature level caps. If the creature you bring into a Raid is over the cap its stats will be reduced to meet the level cap for the duration of the Raid, and any boosts that are removed for this reason will also be returned at the end of a Raid.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to start you off for the weekend! Keep an eye on this thread as we will be updating it shortly to help you dive into the exciting new update smoothly.

As always, continue playing daily and make sure to practice in the Campaigns.

Enjoy your weekend!


Super hyped for the raids!


A raid each day? That’s much better than I thought would happen


Cool. Thanks for addressing what happens to boosts. there would’ve been a lot of questions. (if there wasn’t some already)

Cool there’s not raids in Friday, Saturday and Sunday so people can battle in tournaments without worrying about raids


get your Apex dino on thursday and take it straight to the tournament to test it out.

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This epic artwork makes me even more excited

No cost for the raids?

What if you fail an attempt?


Wait, what does this mean? Because the same boss will spawn in multiple locations, right? So can you battle side-by-side with someone in another country?

No only if u invite them in private

Ow, I’m so excited now. That artwork looks amazing as well

So how do rewards work, if I beat a raid boss multiple times per day do I get rewards each time or just the first time?

I doubt it’s the reason. Rather just too few bosses right now, but they announced that they want to add new ones

You get diminishing rewards each time you win.

You get rewards each time, but after the first win, the rewards are reduced.

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When we fight will have
1 support dino( buff damage)
1 attacker dino ( high ATK)
1 tank (that have taunt)
1 healer( i think it not have healer can buff damage)
That all we need 2.attacker 3.tank 4.healer
It is my opinion

Oooo! Sounds like other bosses are coming but ummmm I thought I was the only one

Mmm ok that sounds ok


That was what I expected. But it seems no, unfortunately.

I wonder when I can find 4 of us online at same time to play that. I’m on an alliance with people from many global locations, and many different lives. It’s hard to find a time where 4 people are available to play a lobby.

Solution would be global lobby, but… nope. :cry:

Plus, in-game chat is a bug thing.
Plus, we don’t have push notifications to be notified about someone inviting…
Plus, timezone: “hey, let’s play 10:00? ok.” :laughing: