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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

Hello fellow DPG members,

To smooth out battle experiences when leveling up and aligning the Alliance reward with other level-based rewards received in the game, the amount of DNA a player can unlock will be scaled to the individual player’s User Level in a similar way as the battle incubators and the drone starting the week of December 9th, 2019.
You may notice the visual changes for this when you update to 1.11, however the change in data will only take effect as of December 9th as stated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
You can read more about these and other changes in 1.11 in the release notes on the forum.


So is this what the stars on the alliance mission incubators is from?

Dommage que la mise à jour modifie encore les attaques des créatures. Dans ce cas, nous devrions pouvoir récupérer la totalité des booster attaque, vie et vitesse pour les mettre à une autre créature…
A part cela, une bonne mise à jour! Merci

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I don’t like this idea at all.

New players need motivation and if they see the players around them getting loads more dna than them for doing the same tasks it doesn’t seem fair.



Too bad that the update still modifies the attacks of the creatures. In this case, we should be able to recover all attack, life and speed boost to put them to another creature …
Apart from that, a good update! Thank you

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I fully agree. Small level players can contribute to alliance missions as well as high level players. They should get the same level of rewards. Active small level players may be more active than some high level players.
It’s unfair to to discriminate small level players who often do a great work in an alliance.


Wait… You guys still want to go forward with this insanity? 100 times no to this change. What justification is there? This change will hurt the alliance system and thus reduce the player base. Is there a group of bitter level 20s who want others to have less DNA for doing equal if not more work?

The top battler in my alliance is lvl 10 or so. Why punish players who put in effort to do the missions but dun want to level their dinos irresponsibly?

Remove this change and reinstate Definite Rampage to Ardentistmaxima. Also reset the timer in Shores to 30s or change it to 60s. 2 mins is too long to wait for a match.


There’s only one reason why they’d be doing this, and it’s to hit low level alt accounts.

Unfortunately, it’s also going to drive away new players.


So much this. Quote all of it. SMH ludia


it’s basically like free DNA though. many of us got to level 20 without the added benefits of alliance incubators. so it lets lower level players level up much quicker (and cheaper from ludia’s perspective) than those of us playing from day 1. so, not that most would probably care, but everyone getting the same DNA is really “unfair” to the higher level players.

same reason lower levels players get less from darting, and less DNA in their incubators. im sure mainly its a business decision. but just another one of those things that they should have done from the start and no one would be mad. but when they do things like this, it makes it look like they are taking things away from people instead of just scaling it like most other things in the game.


I fully agree that that is unfair to players

I agree with this point but to take it away now seems to be just to piss off the player base. It’s similar to the tenontorex situation if the reward was never offered then no one would be upset because we wouldn’t know better. Dangling the carrot and taking it away is what’s frustrating.


Whoa there matey … I’ve been playing since this game came out and not being a paid fir player it has taken me that long to get to level 20, I still haven’t got out of the aviary since they brought in boosts … so don’t go bad mouthing level 20’s who’ve played long and hard to level up … yes before boosts and before alliances
Also,I’m the only player in my alliance that plays the daily’s and battles (I know this because the scores only Chang by the amount I’ve played/collected) so why should those lower level players that can’t be bothered get those rewards ?


I agree the alliance rewards should be scaled, BUT the scaling should be based on their contribution to the alliance goals not their level. I don’t care what level you are if you’re helping to achieve higher ranks then you should get higher rewards.


Yes, it just should have been implemented this way. It’s kind of late for that now…

This is also a great idea.


it would be more reasonable to grant more privileges to the members of the alliance who are more active, those who have a lower level sometimes perform more tasks


I am asking are there a group.of lvl 20s who are bitter? Why do we need this change?

Honestly, id say it gives lower level ayers a sense of urgency to get to 20 for max rewards again and Ludia is hoping they buy some coins to achieve this…

The reality of it is… Ludias been limping ever since they shoot themselves in the foot with boosts 2.0 and everyone knows the best fix for that is to turn around and shoot your other foot.

The reality of it is… as a game like this ages you need to increase rewards to new players so they can fill the spots of those that have left so your match making doesnt go to crap. But Ludia is like we got ai for that. This is not a good move for the long term health of the game.

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Every DNA matters