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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

In theory you should reach 100-200% of your old rank. You should still get rank 3 since some of the requirements may go down slightly. If you were a barely 3 alliance, you will prob stay at 3. If you were a mid 3 alliance, you should get closer to 4. If you were an almost 4 alliance, you should see 4, perhaps 5. 6 could be possible but I’m thinking they arent lowering the missions that much.

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I doubt it is that bad. I mean it was tough for many alliances to reach rank 5 Defense. If they haven’t lowered it that much then no-one is going to be reaching 7+ with the number of battles they needed for rank 5.

I think we just need to wait and see what is required for each level.

Would be nice if @E.D provided some of these details in advance.

Well one would hope, but well…ludia. I would guesstimate most 5/4 alliances will fall in the 7-10/6-8 range now.

Would be nice if they communicated with us on the changes and requirements ahead of time so we could plan. But this is a prime example of why ludia is a crooked and exploitive company and why my playing time has reduced. They care nothing about the customer. They just use your complaints to create more profit for them. I do hope it gets better but you know what they say about a leopard.

@E.D it would have been nice to know the rewards themselves would be changing and not just the amount received. We were supposed to get the rewards we collected today next Monday as well. Now it’s all jacked up.

Alliance rewards halfway changed

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I think it could be possible that the reason for lowering the rewards was to prevent issues like over levelled Sinos and Einies are lower levels like we had? just a theory, but it does make sense.

That being said im sure there is a more profitable explanation!

That only happened because those 2 were the rewards for months, 2 weeks wont crete overleveled blues :wink::grin:

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This is a dumb move by Ludia. You do not penalise lower level players just cos they are lower levels.

It should be according to contributions towards the alliance missions. If you do not contribute then you get less. Very much less.

If you contribute a certain amount /percentage, then you get that equivalent amount (whatever it may be) I think @arugono suggested some possible rewards system. It’s a good start. Though I would lower alliance rewards for those who contributed zilch (0), as only getting 25%.

Seriously Ludia who in the wide world came up with this “brilliant” idea. Was it an intern trying to score points? Or just some disgruntled employees who has a beef with lower level players?


Serious question.

Do the mods, developers, management people actually play this game?

If you don’t then you do not know the whole picture.

Not liking this idea at all. It seems unfair

I can see this rubbing lower leveled players the wrong way. Would not be surprised to see a lot quitting because of this.

Another well thought out plan

The theory is to get a few hundred more DNA over a month earlier they will spend a few hundred dollars to level to lvl 20.

Nowhere does this change make sense except it was communicated like a cancer drug being hyped as nauseating chemical.

The actual change is actually not a real nerf to actual amount of DNA hardcore alliances get. If Ludia had lead with the missions being easier to do per tier or that the DNA recieved would be more since its now 5 creatures instead.of 3.

Its a failure in hype that made a freshening up change look like an act of complete lunancy.

Except for epic dna… epic dna is a pure net loss for players under 20… a level 12 in a 10/10 alliance is getting net themselves 640 dna which is less dna then they would have earned in a 4/3 alliance.

For players at 20… it looks like a positive change so far. But why they decided to announce a complete restructuring of missions and rewards as a new players now get less announcement is truly baffling.

This change is nonsense, cause it’s introduced too late. Nobody would argue about it if it would be implemented when missions were introduced. Implementing now just shows how desperate they are, cause of too low income on boosts.

This is similar to Tenontorex removal from event. We all complained, cause of St. Patricks event before. An event that really unbalanced arena. One attempt can’t unbalance arena.

They should really reconsider this new dna rewards for lower lvl players. Rather introduce bonuses for top contributors and leave base rewards the same.

The change was a waste of developer resources. Not asked for, not beneficial and doesnt bring good will.

Just changing the 5 tiers into 10 tiers would good enough.


So now the rewards have been announced, and at level 11 my reward for epic dna is going to be less than half of that which a level 20 will get.
Similar on rare and common, so this really is a downer for lower level players.


I agree it’s the job of the team leader to balance out the team of members who don’t participate. Isn’t that why they added new features. Please leave alliance participation rewards alone.

Has anyone calculated how the old scale and rewards lines up with the new scale and rewards?

Our alliance was getting 4/3 every single week for months. When we smashed through that and got to 5/5 this week, some of us first thought that the new recruits were amazing. Unfortunately, this is due to these new scaling changes.

Has anyone determined what current tiers are equivalent to effort to achieve the old 4/3?
…and how do the rewards of that new tier correlate to the old rewards?

If this has been discussed elsewhere, a link would be helpful. THANKS!

This might help.

Edit: For reference here are the previous requirements per tier:




You’re awesome, Piere87… that’s EXACTLY what I was looking for.
I should have known that you Gamepress folks had the answers I needed.