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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

Is it really that bad guys? Low level players work harder than higher level players to complete an epic strike tower, and those rewards get scaled by player level. This kind of thing is consistent through every other aspect of the game so why shouldn’t it apply to alliance incubators?


I just urged all of my members in my alliance to try to get as many lvls as they can achieve in the following week…

The change of Dracoceratops is a HORRIBLE idea!!! I have done battles where I didn’t have him and the other player did. You just have to anticipate the other players movements just like every other battle!! I cant even determine the damage now! what the heck is .4 of the players HP?! That said, Everyone is going to complain no matter what changes are made. I like the boost change WAY better than the old way. In my opinion it was cheating n hurt the people who actually go out and collect dna. I wish there were some perks to being level 20 though. ive played since the beginning and have been level 20 for a long time. Maybe at level 20 we could earn a reward for so many experience points from leveling up dinos instead of getting nothing. Like the lower level players collect to level up. Leveling up dinos paat 20 gets really expensive and i get that you have to make it challenging but there are SO many dinos now n the coin availability hasnt increased unless you pay for it. 50000 coins cost 20$ I mean come on…

They don’t “work harder” in epic tower battles. They’ve either got the dinos to win it or they don’t, and if they don’t they rely on luck of crits/evasive etc. But they don’t “work” harder.

When it comes to alliance missions then yes, some lower level players do work harder than lvl 20’s, because it requires them going out and darting everything they see, getting direct hits, darting epics and rares, doing every battle under the sun.

They don’t work harder in an epic strike tower, as their fate is pretty much already sealed outside of luck.


I also think we shoukd be able to request non hybrid epic dna. I love helping lower level players because they request dna i can actually give and I use donations as a way of getting coins. I LOVE that the birds can go in the sanctuaries and the animations are hilarious! maybe change some of the other animations to be more humorous like amiledon. The irritator animation upsets me.

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Please keep this on topic of the thread, otherwise this topic will go off track quickly.

Lower level players have a harder time collecting dna and have to collect more than higher levels. They dont get as much when they shoot with the drone. Higher levels just have different goals they work for but it isnt easier for us. But the lower level contributions to the missions are worth the exact same as a higher level player. It doesn’t matter who spins the supply drop its still counted as 1 supply drop. So changing the reward doesn’t make sense. Maybe a little extra prize if your the top contributor for a category or something?

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its all related to the changes in the game. relax.

This topic is to do with Alliance Mission Rewards.

Nothing else. You bring up topics like Draco etc is nothing to do with Alliance Mission Rewards.

There are other topics regarding feedback on the game, this topic is specifically about Alliance mission rewards being different for lower level players.

Read the title of the OP.


I’ve had to step up as a leader to start kicking them out. When they don’t help the team out I kick them out. It may be mean but as leaders of each group you have to show them tough love. I can take on more players but at this point I will take 15+ level players. Young levels will not help out even if they got more dinos with DNA. Communication is the key in any group.

I started this game back before alliances were introduced… then my phone got stolen and I had to start all over again. I’m now at level 14 and I’m active daily. If lower level players are already scaled (crippled) by the amount of DNA you can get from incubators and darting, why on Earth would minimizing alliance DNA help the lower level players continue to be active? It will just create a bigger gap between lower levels and higher levels because now the road to get to the higher levels just became much longer.

As to what was mentioned before about why do lover level players who don’t contribute deserve to get full rewards… I completely understand that side of the coin. My current alliance kicks out those that are not active (the new system will help tremendously with that). But I do think the best possibly outcome from all of this is base the alliance rewards on how active you are for your alliance rewards, regardless of player level. If a level 10 is on every day and battling\darting\opening\feeding ect. and a player 20 does not, why is it fair for the level 20 to get full rewards while the level 10 gets less? There will be no incentive for the lowers to work as hard for half the DNA.


I am trying to find a non bitter sounding way to say this… Ludia don’t seem to know what they are doing anymore. The updates and changes of late seem to be designed to ruin the game as far as I can tell. No idea what’s going through their heads anymore and this scaled reward idea is just another example of poor management and decision making. I can see this game losing all credibility at this rate.

One small correction here, I often see that low-level players contribute to alliance missions even more than high level ones. They are new, fresh and they need all the DNA the game can provide them, in case of the whales they are tired, lazy, spoiled by their riches so often they lack of motivation to do some work for extra reward, because they simply don’t need it.


Another big mistake after epic fail with boosts 2.0. What has player lvl with contribution to alliance missions?
There is already hard to motivate players to do friendlies or battle in arena for that extra dna on tier 5 defense. Lower lvl players will battle more as they want to progress, to get more dna they need for new hybrids, to unlock new arenas.

At least once for a change don’t make players angry. No need to make forum a toxic place again.

Totally agree, should also be based on contribution not level.

I actually think this change improves the early-game experience.
For one thing, it means there actually is an early game experience. XD And by that, I mean a stage before you have a full squad of level 11+ dinos.
…Honestly, when my brother was new to the game, it felt like alliance rewards were writing his formation for him. We didn’t like that so much. He’s handed 2 level 15 epics every other week and a ton of rare DNA. What else is he supposed to use? Arena fights didn’t have much variety.
Early arenas were suddenly filled with legendaries, too. Advancement becomes more trivial.
At level 20, 100 epic DNA is like lunch money. When I was level 5, it was a big deal.
I’m not too big on the idea that everyone will always need to work as hard as us old gamers to get anything, but when I heard the Badlands were suddenly stormed with legendaries overnight, I got concerned.

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a group of bitter level 20s LOL

I completely agree, people with low level can more than pull their own weight in alliance missions, not fair that they get less rewards for doing more work. The DNA collection mission is negligible.

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As a long time player, level 20 that’s ran my alliance since they came out, I do not support having player level based rewards.

It should be flat, across the board.

What’s the incentive for new players to work just as hard as veteran players?

Having a second account which is low level, I can assure you that the current rewards from alliance missions don’t give you all that much of a speed up to the next level. Besides, all the lower level players will be at the same advantage.

Please, don’t do it. We see enough new players that play for a few weeks, then go dark… we don’t need that to be a higher rate.

My low level account has issues now finding matches…you want to make it worse yet???


I agree this is a team effort. An the whole team must benefit not divide an conquer
Your fellow team member

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It is unfair that Ludia punishes the effort just because you are new and still do not have a high level, I am the top in my alliance in battles played, demolitions and open incubators and I will receive less than others.

There should be a DNA award for those of us who bring more into the alliance.

Es injusto que Ludia castigue el esfuerzo solo porque eres nuevo y aún no tienes un nivel alto, soy el top en mi alianza en batallas jugadas, derribos y incubadoras abiertas y recibiré menos que los demás.

Debería haber un premio en ADN para los que aportemos más en la alianza.