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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

Completely agreed. It’s disheartening.

Today is my birthday. I was going to buy myself VIP status as a gift. But now, as a non-level 20 player, I’ve changed my mind about that.

I know I’m just a drop in Ludia’s bucket, but I probably won’t be the only non-20 who decides this.

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I feel strongly about this because my alliance started with a few level 20s and moved up till we have maybe 75% lvl 20s. The main thing that kept us going wasnt who was what level but who was contributing.

Contribution based rewards or flat rewards across, no level based rewards.

My proposal is:
5 tiers of rewards each for Exploration and Defense
0% contribution to missions get 50% of the final reward
0.1% to 1% contribution get 75% of the reward
1.1% to 3% contribution get 100% of the reward
3.1% to 5% contribution get 125% of the reward
5.1% and.above get 150% of the reward

How it works is if you do the missions the %tage done of the last achieved tier is averaged out and that is your %tage contribution for that aspect (Exploration/Defense).

Example: Defense you did 300 battles, opened 100 incubators, opened 7 DBIs, did 50 interactions and had 600 takedowns. You alliance only completed tier 4 defense. So your contributions are 10%, 8%, 3%, 4% and 20% for example so the average is 9% so you get 1.5 times the reward for Defense.

This rewards those who put in effort the missions and does not penalise completely those taking the week off. It also incentivises the lower level players to play more and thus get hooked. Since the contributions are based on a %tage of an absolute number, a hardcore alliance can have many players getting 1.5 times the rewards so again rewarding players for working hard in 1 aspect of the game.

It will be easy to game the system by spamming interactions or doing takedowns but it also means they have to harvest interactions and do battles.


Yes, so many times yes.

pfff, one more from the “do first ask later” series.

i honestly believe ludia devs sometimes do some polemic things just to shake playerbase minds… to make some noise and encourage discussions.

must be. can’t believe it’s not. :roll_eyes:

Its more hint first, get roasted,, do it anyway and then get roasted more. Then try to fix the problem with a forum post asking for feedback.


Aren’t game companys supposed to improve their game for players not make it worse?

Bad idea. I wont bother explaining why, anyone with common sense will know.

And how long does the company intend to antagonize the player base?

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The question is who told them it would be a good idea? Apex Predators? Some bitter group of lvl 20s? I really dunno who with a brain could justify this change. Makes no sense. Doesnt make them more money, doesnt benefit anyone but lvl 20s, isnt something anyone asked for.


Oh im sure Ludia are capable of making bad decisions on their own without anyones help :slight_smile:


They made bad decisions out of greed or out of rashness. This is the first time they made a major decision.on a major feature that is completely illogical.

DracoRat and IndoR G2 could be justified as greed. The Nublar experience was a rash decision to slow down boost farming. This is just unjustifiable.

Why on earth would Apex Predators suggest the change? Some of us use alt accounts and will be hit by this change (myself for one). What would they gain?!

While I do not agree with the change it does make sense and is consistent with the rest of the game. The current arrangement can create imbalance. My alt account is player level 10 and largely thanks to the alliance rewards I have just created Indo G2 - the rest of my team is mostly L15 epics give or take a level. This is out of place in Badlands and I have even been called out as a cheat because I have it (and a mammoth but that’s just hunting and fipping) - erm no, I’m just in a 5/5 alliance.

If this was how it had always worked no one would question it. The problem here is (once again) Ludia taking what was and making it worse.

I would also point out that we don’t know the exact details yet.

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This is also part of the problem. Ludia hiding the details from us until it gets released. They KNOW there will be more backlash once it’s released so they keep the info on the down-low beforehand.

Granted - but it is also a little illogical to rage over something we don’t know the details of - the whole reward thing could be completely shaken up - I seem to recall someone saying the number of creatures in the rewards will increase …

To me, someone Ludia listens to said this is a good idea. Seems the bogey man is always Apex Predators so just name drop them as an example of an influential group asking for a bad change.

I believe no one not.even Apex Predators would suggest such as change.

The reason alliance rewards could make low level players OP was the 13 weeks of same.rewards. It gave enough DNA to make the team for newer players and alt accounts. Now with biweekly rotations and not every set being useable immediately or even several updates later, its less a problem.

The change has no reason to be wasting developer time to code and implement.

Now if its supposed to be an improvement of the current reward system why are.they leading with the side effect of the change and not the best aspect? Its like marketing Viagara as a heart attack causing drug before launch only to sell it as a impotency cure.

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Firstly we pretty much know, ok not know, but a very high chance that rewards as in dna won’t be increased for lvl 20’s, which means lower levels will get less than what they get now. If they do increase rewards then that is a nice surprise for everyone, but this is Ludia who thought 1 chance on Tenoto would BREAK the arena.

As for someone saying the number of creatures in the rewards would increase, that was never said by Ludia, so most likely some rumour, unless someone dug the info out.

The problem is why emphasise the negative outcome? The reduced reward instead of the increased DNA or easier missions. Both of which are likely and would bring less negative attention.

The datamine found that it was giving 5 creatures instead of 3. Also missions now had 10 tiers. So logic combined with hope would suggest that more DNA per week for the rewards and the missions will be easier to see progress.


:rofl::rofl: Thank you! You just made my day! And a very apt comparison.

Well that’s a lot of hope, but we’ll see soon enough.

So we should see new tiers and new missions today after missions reset. Of course if they won’t screw it again. :grin: