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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

Also, just to say, this would make more sense to me if they applied the changes at the point where mission rewards were changing, which would have been last week as this week would still have the same creatures. But then again it was supposed to originally come with 1.11, so who knows.

I’m hoping the increase in tiers (assuming it happens) will mean tier 10 requires roughly the same level of effort as 5 currently and therefore alliances who are not currently 5/5 will have more chance to do better - net result could well be positive. Will need more co-ordination early on though.

2 weeks can be enough to create imbalance if the reward is not available in the wild, i.e. Blue

Who bets they re-add Friendly Battles again by mistake like last time and then mess everything up when they remove it?

Maybe they’ll add opening scent capsules too to force more people to buy them.

The list goes on… :rofl:


Blue is kind of an interesting case. My point is the rewards arent going to make a huge difference for.the lower level players since they wun have enough to make the rewards part of the main team like what happened in the first 13 weeks. Many players were given Sinoceratops and Einasuchus to just slot into their teams.

I would say leave things be unless something better and more fair to.contributors coded.

Ah the cynicism…

I think it will just be more.tiers of the same grind over 10 missions instead.of 5. I hope for something fresh.

Opening scents isnt exactly a bad idea since we are.given 2 free per day.

Oh well - we will find out in 2 1/2 hours - what ever they do I just hope they manage to make it work first time …

Oh yeah… that too

No, you don’t get it. It’s way more fun to speculate and fantasize about completely absurd and improbable things to happen in 2.5 hours than to just wait and see what happens!


It’s always fun to do that, however, Ludia breaking alliance missions is certainly not one of those absurd and improbable things to happen! :rofl:


Maybe they will give us 5 more tiers, but leave tier 5 defense missions requirements. Good luck getting to tier 6. :grin::rofl:

They always break something, so don’t expect anything less this time.

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I think they will break something very unexpected and end up having to recind alliance rewards for 2 months.

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Most likely they will need to reset everything and DBIs will be gone again.

Oh please no…

Ludia NOT break something?

It’s completely absurd and improbable at this point in time…

Now that is something we could speculate and fantasize about!

Just so you can say in 1.5 hours from now: “See, I told you so!”?
Or just wait and see if what they come up with is nice or not :slight_smile:

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A change like this hurts high level Alliances the most man. We have some mid-level players in Apex. We work really hard to get level 5 rewards and that gives our Apex friends top level rewards. Some other mid-level players might be on a L3/3 alliance and that gives your players a DNA advantage. (same with our Sanctuaries) Now our players will have their rewards throttled back because of this.

This Is Ludia doing this to (in their mind) Protect lower and mid level players for those that are luck enough to get into a strong alliance. We just play the game man. So much speculating that we can somehow influence the game, it is just false. Ludia gonna Ludia man!

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It’s nice that you defend what Apex is, but you really don’t have to :slight_smile:
Some people are just convinced Apex are cheaters, that Gamepress is bribed by Ludia and that many of the top 500 players work for Ludia.
Just ignore them. Internet gonna internet.


They are trying to lower free dna output to force players in buying scents, speeding incubators, etc. Problem here is, that all players that started playing this game late are already far behind, missing all those past events, rewards… This will slow their progress even more. Many will just give up.

With all changes since boosts implementation player base shrunk.

This is called « Alliance reward » for something ! It’s a group effort so why penalize people that are actively participating in it because of their level ? Really guys, why are you such new players unfriendly ? Your game needs new players to live on ! There are already enough things in this game preventing new players loyalty like stat boosts and how this game is becoming all about the money you put in it. So cut the non sense by penalizing lower level players while there are putting the same effort as the others.


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