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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Rebalanced Rewards: Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation (Dec, 2019)

yay more dinos in the rewards but at the same time, this kinda sucks for lower levels. The 10 ranks is interesting.

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Comparison time for context


Hard to say if you are better or worse off until you know what rank you now reach and can add up all the DNA … sure someone will do the maths

As lvl 20 you get the double dns lol

Not sure how I feel about this. You get less specific dino dna, but more dna variety.

At rank 5 you no longer get 5k common dna, but instead get 1714 x 2. However, the question is whether it is easier to get to rank 5 than before, and therefore will those that got to rank 5 before be reaching rank 10 now where they would get 2857 x 2 common dna?

Hmmmm, :thinking:

Rank 5 seems easier but rank 10 seems impossible. Not sure how it scales yet but the first 2 ranks seem quicker at least.

The “extra” DNA is for crap dinos.

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Hey why did the rewards change? I thought we got another week of Brachio, Giraffe, etc. Or am I reading that wrong? I thought it’s 2.12. - 16.12.

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Ludia need to clarify some stuff regarding the ranks

It was, but you know Ludia and their planning, it’s non-existent.

The changes were meant to happen with 1.11 but it never did, so the changes got delayed and ended up happening halfway through these alliance rewards. Why they removed those and not just added the extra dinos, no-one can answer that, not even Ludia because they don’t know anything themselves.

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in the end,we earn more variety and more dna,im good with it.
615 smilodon??yepekaye

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You won’t necessarily always earn more dna, I mean for example, if an alliance always used to hit rank 4 they would get 400 epic dna.

With the new change, you need to reach rank 7 to get 431 epic dna. So, what this week will determine is what rank alliances fall on compared to what they reached by average previously.

If an alliance that always hit rank 4 can reach rank 7 then yes they get more dna, but it comes down to what Ludia have settled on for missions.

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If my alliance always reached rank 3, it will reach rank 6 now?
Or rank “3” because ludia didn’t change the requirements for level up :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

They changed the requirements, but it’s not necessarily rank 3 will reach rank 6. Time will tell to see how your alliance does.

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In theory you should reach 100-200% of your old rank. You should still get rank 3 since some of the requirements may go down slightly. If you were a barely 3 alliance, you will prob stay at 3. If you were a mid 3 alliance, you should get closer to 4. If you were an almost 4 alliance, you should see 4, perhaps 5. 6 could be possible but I’m thinking they arent lowering the missions that much.

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I doubt it is that bad. I mean it was tough for many alliances to reach rank 5 Defense. If they haven’t lowered it that much then no-one is going to be reaching 7+ with the number of battles they needed for rank 5.

I think we just need to wait and see what is required for each level.

Would be nice if @E.D provided some of these details in advance.

Well one would hope, but well…ludia. I would guesstimate most 5/4 alliances will fall in the 7-10/6-8 range now.

Would be nice if they communicated with us on the changes and requirements ahead of time so we could plan. But this is a prime example of why ludia is a crooked and exploitive company and why my playing time has reduced. They care nothing about the customer. They just use your complaints to create more profit for them. I do hope it gets better but you know what they say about a leopard.

@E.D it would have been nice to know the rewards themselves would be changing and not just the amount received. We were supposed to get the rewards we collected today next Monday as well. Now it’s all jacked up.

Alliance rewards halfway changed

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I think it could be possible that the reason for lowering the rewards was to prevent issues like over levelled Sinos and Einies are lower levels like we had? just a theory, but it does make sense.

That being said im sure there is a more profitable explanation!

That only happened because those 2 were the rewards for months, 2 weeks wont crete overleveled blues :wink::grin:

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