[News] Jurassic World Alive | Sanctuaries

From what I was reading your alliance can access each other’s sanctuaries as long as one person physically went to one and placed a dino in it, then the whole alliance has access.


Ah yes you’re right, sorry I was thinking it meant those in the alliance have to physically be in range too. Well that’s good to hear.

That’s alright, I got confused too. There’s so much to read about it and since it’s a new feature everyone’s bound to have questions.

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How close do you physically have to get drone range or 20m close.

I’d like to put one on the local train station. A million people go through that line everyday. Bound to get a few JWA players if it’s drone range to click on.


I think they said the biggest blue circle, so that leads me to believe that you can reach it all the way at the farthest edge of your circle.

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unless its “too dangerous” for you, you should be able to

Wouldn’t surprise me if Ludia forgot something, so I don’t take their word as stone.

Sanctuaries are going to generate a lot more posts on the in game message board.

Will you be separating messages from dna requests with this update, and will you be fixing the message scrolling problems?

Or do I have to insist that all my alliance members join our Discord group as the messaging is not fit for purpose?


this will come in handy for players who are low on epic non hybrid dna (unless the dino in is too aggressive like the tyrannosaurs and spinosaurus gen 2)

Kentrosaurus here I come!


Sooo old school tamagotchi huh? :joy:

  • Creatures that are too dangerous for your current Player Level, as shown on their creature portrait.

That’s most funniest part of the release notes :joy::joy::joy:

Hey human be careful with your thumbs! I’m fine if you send me to die at arena, but don’t even think about feeding me!!

Okay digital creature I guess I got the point :upside_down_face:


this is just A M A Z I N G

i’m Ready for care irritators, dimetrodons, ankylo…


Brachy,Secondonto and Argentinosaurus will be in the sanctuaries often

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I just wanna have a hint as to what amounts of DNA to expect.


@Verosika sorry bud you can’t put indom in a sanctuary

“And this is where I’d put my Secodonto … if I had one!”


1, Can I remotely visit my own sanctuary?
2, Can two players put the same creature in one’s sanctuary?
3, How long does it take to re-share your sanctuary within your alliance?

Sounds dumb. Wanted better combats and balances and different rewards for arena and guild quests. Stale game is stale for never any changing of stuff.

If people so lazy to work for ludia then terminate employment for better game.

I agree we need different alliance mission rewards too