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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Sanctuaries


We noticed changes in sanctuary leveling up. We gathered about 1600+ SP which should give 5lv but it was enough only for 4lv (which previous was after 800 SP).

Anyone have information of new amount of SP to Level Up sanctuary?

Sanctuaries in my area changed location again today. Not the first time after 1.10 that this is happening.

@DinoL3o Maybe You know something? :upside_down_face:

Hello, I just get confirmation from support that Sanctuaries LevelUp limits are changed. Now lvl 4 needs 1600 SP (instead of 800 before) and 4500 SP for lvl 5 (before 1600). Unfortunately they give me info only about those two levels…

Hey sorry NelsonV haven’t been on here for quite some time,

Was offering my farewell today actually lol.

But why not offer one last bit of info on the way out? Here is my good note ending for you and anyone that is curious:

Enjoy buddy:

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Thanks! :ok_hand:

Santuaries needs to allow rename by custom names! When finally allowing us to fix terrible chaos in naming?!? We dont want to see alliance member names but rename them to our needs!

  1. Allow rename
  2. Remove “Go to Sanctuary” banner (entering sanctuary by tapping any picture/whole row) to let us see more dinos inside