[News] Jurassic World Alive | Scariest Creature Poll


Hello fellow DPG members! In preparation for Halloween, we’d like for the community to help us crown Jurassic World Alive’s scariest creatures!

Follow the link below to partake!
Poll :point_right: https://ludia.gg/JWA18_Scary_Creatures

Please define 'scariest' in the poll
Polls for everyone

It seems to be scaring a lot of people on this forum…


Dioraja. That thing is Godzilla.


Oh, and…



Dont know what they will do whit the poll but i voted the dinos i want not the scariest haha


Me neither. Perhaps a hidden method to let the community vote who to nerf in the next update ;-). I kid, i kid… :slight_smile:


What exactly is the point of this? You need to put other stuff higher in the priority que than social engagement…


I wasn’t 100% sure what they wanted to know. I was like are you asking about the dinos I don’t like facing off against, or the ones that look the scariest by what they look like. I went with the looks.


Hopefully its letting us pick which dinos will make up the Halloween park event!


this guy is probably the scariest looking

But this guy is also really cool.


It’s called Yi Qi


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