[News] Jurassic World Alive | Scent of Champions!

Hello fellow DPG members,

In celebration of this year’s NBA Champions, we’re sending out Raptor Scents to everyone!
Check your in-game mail after 3:00 PM EDT, and join us in our utter jubilation, eh!

PS: The mail will expire at 8:00 AM on Monday EDT.




Awesome, I just got mine and I had to check here otherwise I would have been so confused.


Well done on sending it to everyone! We appreciate it :grin::raised_hands:


Woooo! Go Raps! :smiley:

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Thanks, now I can finally level up Rocket and begin to give DNA to Alita

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So… what does it spawn?
Is Blue part of the possibilities?
Is it better to use it in one zone or location, as opposed to just anywhere?

My favorite finals since Kobe took it over Pierce!

Always loved Toronto Raps for as long as I’ve been a fan of the game


Really? No guaranteed Blue? As opposed to 10 tries for Canadians? I want BLUE! Yeah yeah, I know… even with only a rare scent -


Same as it did last year, looks like.


Make sure you are moving while you use it! More dinos that way :sunglasses:


Is it bad if I still have a Scent of Claws?? :smile:

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My dad was rooting for the warriors, but now I’m thankful the raptors won!

What’s the scent of claws?

Was one of Ludia’s first steps in manipulating the market. Back when Stegod was OP, “suddenly” there wasn’t a Stego to be found. But don’t fear! All you had to do was buy this jubilant scent and (if you were lucky) one would appear! Sadly, it must have worked, to see how far down that rabbit hole we’ve come since!

That scent seems kind of dumb. You can get all those dinos easy besides Blue and Brachi. Was it free though?

Ei meu irmão vc tem uma aliança com ranking 5 nas missões de aliança? Se vc tem qual e o nome dela que eu quero entrar

Translated From Portuguese

“Hey, my brother, do you have an alliance with ranking 5 in alliance missions? If you have whats the name of it that I want to enter”

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

So the ones in Canada give Blue and the rest get velociraptor??:slight_smile:

Thanks got mine! Go Raptors! Might keep mine for a collection item :partying_face: