[News] Jurassic World Alive | Scent of Champions!

So more attempts at velociraptor, because 126 attempts these past 3 weeks wasn’t enough, would be better if the less common Raptors were guaranteed

Congratulations to the raptors i’m British so we haven’t heard anything apart from stuff I saw on Twitter about the win

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Used both my scents and didn’t get a single epic Blue or Pyro, so the odds much be low!

That being said thank you for it because I got a lot of raptor DNA which I need tons of.

Congratulations Raptors on your Championship!

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Freddie LOVE :heart: :two_hearts: :heartpulse:

Why not anything BLUE, in celebration of the BLUES Stanley Cup victory?!?!?

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The percentage to get Blue or Pyro, is under 1%

I cant believe you sent me these. I dont watch NBA, why would I want free stuff because of it!? Oh wait yeah, cos everyone else got it so I want it too, who cares why I got it. Fair is fair, amaright?

Right! This is what we asked for. For Ludia not to be insular.

Even if you don’t know anything about basketball, or particularly care, it’s nice that they are now involving their whole community in this.

If you don’t know and don’t care to know then just be happy with the freebe.

For me, I’m glad they made this global, because a) fairness and b) because out of curiosity (research?) I now know there is a team called Raptors in Canada who play basketball because of this and was happy to see they won. It made me interested in something outside of my own interests.

Would have been even better (obviously) to have also had the blue event… but this is a start. Hopefully they go global on all events from now on.

So, Win. Win. Win :blush::wink:

Unless you’re a Warriors fan I guess :sweat_smile:


Never cared much for basketball, but I know that Canadians like their Hockey as much as I do.

Hometown boys make good!


How about a Blue event for The Blues? :wink:

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I googled it.

Yea… totally should do a Blue event for the blues :smiley:

P.s. That’s a big trophy they’re holding :sweat_smile:

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I grew up (so to speak) in the days of Shaq in the Orlando Magics and legend like Scottie Pippin, Shawn Kemp (I do miss the old Seattle SuperSonics :frowning: ) and Mugsy Bogues.
Then they released Space Jam and all the boys my age went WILD!

“I Believe I can fly” :wink:

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Good thing there wasn’t a team called “The Rexes” that won the NBA championship, the poor buggers couldn’t lift the trophy!

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canadians got 20 blue, normal people got 20 raptors. wish vrapyors have swap in rampage too

Don’t care about who won or who lost.
But thanks for the Scent though.