[News] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal Tournaments


New Seasonal Tournaments are almost here!

At the beginning of each Tournament players above a certain trophy count (currently 3,500) will have their trophies reset to the maximum amount under the reset value. Players need to battle to climb the Tournament ranks, and the trophy reset will allow all players in the Tournament to participate at a level equitable to their progression in the game, and have a fair chance at the rewards. After the Tournament ends, all players in the top 500 will receive huge prizes!

Details for each Tournament season will be communicated on the Forum. This will include:

  • Tournament overview
  • Rules and regulations
  • Leaderboard information
  • Details on MASSIVE rewards

Stay tuned DPG members, and prepare for an awesome new event!

JWA Tournment Starts next week
Cheaters removed?



Yep sure thing. As you accuse play of braking rules and ban them for 24 hours knowing that emails will not be responding in that time frame. So you state they will not be over turned only only rarely. What a joke just like Niantic you fix nothing against cheaters I watch and know of hundreds of them. All of this AR real world gaming companies are greedy and filled with employees who lie and cheat honest players and turn a blind eye to the real cheaters. Who are most likely closely associated to all of people and the gaming industry and web community or business. I am not mad I have a disability and seen how this system works. Everything is blamed on the next person and everyone is focused on money. Not fixing the problem or even preventing it or stopping it from getting worse. Save your comments I don’t respond or even care. Problem fixed.


Making prizes for more “leagues” would be much better. Only the top 500 is way too small when the playerbase is so large.
Rewarding only the strongest with prizes to grow even stronger doesn’t sound like anything I’d bother struggling with.
Your tournaments in Jurassic World The Game were much better.


Wow that rant seemed a little uncalled for but hey whatever makes you happy


It is just the injustice of certain things but it is bound to happen. What rewards will players get over 3500 trophies?


Here’s a tip; don’t cheat.



At what point do you need 3500?

Please consider a similar trophy count for a participation prize in the tournament. I’m 4250 my team and tactics may improve but top 500 is going to be really hard without spawn rate changes and creature migration me being lucky in both.


To be honest, I think the whole tournament should be reset to 0. This way everyone below 3500 has a chance. And yes, have it at different tier levels. Where top x percent gets something. Just my humble opinion.


No one feels bad for you. If you’re offended then leave or suck it up. Any game you play is all about taking your money that’s the only reason they make the games for PROFIT. Why on earth would you feel any other way?


Agreed in that there should be different tiers and prizes. The top 500 are already out of a good amount of people’s leagues. I was putting money into this game and now this discourages me to even play much anymore. The strong players are just going to get stronger.


Will the tournament replace the current arenas? Will the incubators change rewards. Will we have bots if the matchmaking can’t find a match. What happens if we go below 3500? Are the cheaters able to play? Is the limit still 5000 or is there no limit?

Hope this future tournament post is detailed. :ok_man:


It’s pay to win for sure, total b. s.


That’s why I am eager to look at the rules of the tournament.

I feel this tournament would push a lot of players to spend money to upgrade their creatures, which otherwise they might have waited. People might even buy incubators to get DNA, coins, cash.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to know how they would group the people (would there be grouping based on Arenas so those people compete separately like (lightweight, heavyweight). Also, matchmaking would be important. I wouldn’t be fair for a 1000 trohie player to face 3500 trophies player unless both their dinos are at same level like friendly battles (even this would give the higher player benefit since they would have legendaries/unique).


They reset battle trophies and you need to get in the top 500. I don’t think it’s a totally new thing. Just marketing the pre existing arena pvp as a tournament. Expecting nothing new but prizes and a level start.


What happens if multiple people hit 5000? Or if there is just ties in general? Will there be a cap?


No cap. So first to 5000 hasn’t won it.


Hi love to hear the opinion of the following. Since the tournament is starting cheaters are supposed to be removed. But I still see people with a Magnypirator. It’s impossible to have that dino since it takes a lot of irritator DNA to create it. Since the irritator is only present in 2 events and also not in great amounts in the incubators it’s impossible to obtain it in a normal way.


No cheaters have been removed. They got slap on wrist. But got to keep their dinos. Some have been banned from tournament, some are allowed to beat you with their illegitimate dinos.