[News] Jurassic World Alive | Self Reported


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to self-report for violating of our Terms of Service.

The self-reporting window closed at 12:00 AM (midnight) EDT this morning - 08/15/2018.
For everyone who self-reported before the deadline, rest assured you will be contacted for the aforementioned game reset and credited based off of your purchases in Jurassic World™ Alive cash.

To our community, a cheater-free environment is just around the corner, thank you for your support!



Woot great work!!!


We want numbers, please!


No, thank you all at Ludia!!! I’ve dealt with cheating in games on my phone, tablets, and xbox…it’s amazing to see a game company that actually listens to their community!!! And then, actually helps us!!! You guys rock! Keep up the great work guys!!! #ludiarocks :grin::blush::smile::slight_smile::grinning::nerd_face::upside_down_face:


Congratulations to the whole team for the work. clean game ! hugs :heart_eyes::wink::wink::wink::wink::v::v::v::v::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Cannot wait to see the cheaters gone!


Agreeeeed. So happy to see the ban wave is impending!!



Can’t wait to see the results, and looking forward to the trophy reset which I hope is coming soon!


Thanks for the in game message linking to this.

Can’t wait to see how it results but to be able to have fair battles would improve JWA massively. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have them gone.


I don’t understand what is the meaning self reported window closed???
Iam new comer :thinking::thinking:


Thank yall so very much


Great!! Keep up the good work!!


Frankly, I dont really wanna pour cold water on the passion of making the game cheat free.

But it isnt really possible. My rough guess is, around 70% players base uses some form of cheat, i.e spoofing. No mass population is crazy about pixelated dinosaurs to go daily hunting. Even Pokemon Go wave died.

Instead of wasting too much time and resources on this issue, I rather you guys fix the loading problems. That AFFECTS almost everyone that purchase from your cash shop. IOS especially.

Alot of players quitted because of that, and soon I am quitting too. Cant stand redownloading the whole game and patch everytime I buy something from the cash shop.


Is possible yes but I agree you they need to fix the bugs in the game


Cheaters can’t self-rort anymore. If they haven’t self-reported, they will get banned from the game. The ones who self-reported got their account reset.


I would like to add this to all those who are ready to crucify Geo-Spoofers. I sent a very detailed e-mail to Ludia explaining why I was using the Geo-Spoofing. I was not using it to cheat any of you, I did not use it to go outside of the area I live in. I am a full time employee and I am a single father of 4. I loved the idea of this game from the first time I heard of it, but quickly found that playing the game was not going to be as easy as it was for someone who does not have my responsibilities. I have kids in elementary as well as high school and playing and driving is not something I’m really capable of. So … at night, when my kids were finally down for the night and I got time to relax, but not capable of leaving the house, I would use Geo-Spoofing to hunt around my neighborhood, maybe down the highway to the shops a little. But I always started from my current location. I learned of this from a friend of mine who works from home due to not having the use of his legs. Both of us self reported, both of us took the reset, and neither of us ever tried to cheat any of you, and we were not trying to take advantage of Ludia either. We just wanted to be able to play like most of the community is able to. Although I know many have abused it, I would like to say that there are some of us who just wanted to enjoy the game as you may be able to. Be upset, I’m not trying to take that from you, but where as I may still be able to play every now and then, it is nigh on impossible for my friend to play. I would take him with me but he does not live by me. Instead of calling for Everyones heads, maybe understand that some just wanted to enjoy the game as you do. Thank you for your time. Enjoy JWA!


Some people used software to fake their GPS location & fool the game. Ludia found out & gave them a chance to confess with a “self report” time period. That period has ended. Or, to say it another way, that window has closed. It appears people who confessed will get a second chance to continue with some type of a game reset involving their dino dollars. Those who did not confess will soon likely be very upset.


So, wait, this isn’t a self-reporting tool to weed out bots? I’m a little confused, does this mean if I didn’t cheat, I have no reason to fear?