[News] Jurassic World Alive | Server Update


Please note that we’ve just pushed a Server Update.
If you recently experienced a message relating to an Error, it may be referring to this.

Stay tuned, Update 1.3 is coming soon!



That’s good to know, lots of people wondering what the hang? Lots of glitches all the sudden. Got kicked out of battle, can’t connect to FB. Figured something was about to happen…

Keep up the good work guys!!!


Thanks for the info! Yay, new dinos!


I have some questions and concerns,
1). Will einiasuchus be nerfed by hybrid rebalancing?
2). When you do lockdown strike against a raptor, it’s the same as nerfing it in my opinion because you are forcing the raptor user to stay and most likely get killed in the next attack and eliminating the choice to retreat and use again, this will be a draw back as well when facing bots that would have dinos that would have lock down strike and would have unfair advantage because you wouldn’t be able to switch out Raptors to end the battle more quickly and would have your Raptors get eliminated when you can’t switch, we only switch our Raptors out anyway to counter a speed reduction move


Yup, that is exactly the point. It is the raptor’s turn to die, after all. She has already done her job. You don’t want to get locked down, switch before even using Pounce. If you stay to do damage, you die eventually.


You wouldn’t be able to leave after you would use pounce lol you would get lockdowned


Exactly. So you have to pick: either do damage and die or run away before doing any damage at all. You can’t have everything, darling


What are you talking about, if they use lockdown strike, you CAN’T run away, hence lockdown. If I get my raptor to a high level I would want to be able to use him!


You are being insufferable because you don’t understand what she is saying. It’s not a good look.

If you don’t want that raptor to die, you have to swap, without using pounce. You can choose between that or pounce and die. How are you not downloading this info?


Okay I understand it now, i thought she meant after you would use pounce then switch.


I haven’t received the update yet but I’m so stoked and excited, wisconsin here


My game updated !!!:smile: