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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Shield Issue

Hello DPG members,

We hope your week is going well!
There were some inconsistencies in the handling of Priority Shield Effect durations. Some players may have noticed this during PVP modes, where an Instant Invincibility may have sometimes felt like it lasted two turns (if the opponent was faster).

The duration of the Priority moves will now count down at the end of the turn in which they were used. This will prevent a slower creature from effectively benefiting from these shields over two turns. The ability text has been updated to reflect this change.

This fix also helps these protective measures become outplayed by using a Priority ability that will occur before the Instant Protective ability (or by performing a Swap). In that case, the protective effect will have been in vain. Well played!

Please note, the Long Invincibility ability is unaffected, since it lasts for more than one turn and is not a priority ability.

We hope this helps. Happy playing!


thanks a lot for the notice

I was wondering when this would be addressed.
So from my understanding, if Maxima uses IIT against a non DSR attack or a swap in, it will only be up for the duration of the “round” then disappear. And if say an erlidom uses cloak against a slower Maxima that uses IIT, IIT will fizzle out right after it is used.

I would rather IIT just block 1 attack and be done with, rather than having it fizzle out at the end of a “round” if it didn’t block anything at all. because before 2.0, the shield would stay up if the user was slower using a priority move.


I just wish that this “Communication” would be done before these changes are made…

But I’m not surprised… because…it’s Ludia :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Wait, what? This sucks


Just make it block 1 attack instead of dealing with game’s basics


Wel guess resilient probably won’t need a nerf lol :joy:. ( I mean yes it’s still needed but now revenge cloak will be really hard to counter with shields especially invincibility)

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Notify is a very complex concept to remember because it is associated with the notion of respect for others.

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yeah. IIT just became worse than it was before 2.0


Yep, but the way it is, could it be that we now have a somewhat okish counter for Maxima now? Even if the stupid Erli can be slowed down? Because even if it’s toned down now, Maxima still need some more counters…

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Shoot forgot Resilient Strike… Disregard previous post

i was more concerned that it also nerfs some other creatures pretty heavily that aren’t Max and Tryko.


Anything else thats been discussed? Like a reset or any kind?

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So OP, ok, random, crap… yeah thanks, atleast we know whats gonna happen to maxima now.

Lol ya the anyks, stygi, maybe even geminititan are gonna suffer

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why not just make it work like before 2.0? Or one attack 2 turns? You still have to address if stunning someone counts as a turn. Too many messed mechanics right now and not sure why when most of them worked fine pre 2.0.


Stuns work the same way they always have. Reducing the move to it’s pre-2.0 state would be making it 1 attack, 1 turn. Don’t know why they didn’t just do that.

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Well played?? This is WRONG in so many levels! Just make it like it was before this mess!


Stop messing around with it and just change it back to how it worked before 2.0. How hard is that?
It worked.
Your “fix” feels like an exploit more than a “well played” move and something you should already work on fixing back to how it worked before :stuck_out_tongue:
Never should a “block all incoming damage for one turn” ever end up blocking zero attack and last zero turns. Playing an instant move before someone else playing an instant move shouldn’t negate the last instant move. In that case Instant Distraction should also do nothing if you “outplay” your opponent by using a priority move before it. How much sense would that make?


They can’t do that without changing raids. There’s no need for any drastic measures, when all that’s needed is to make the shield block 1 attack, lasting 1 turn. That would take practically zero effort, and would make it work practically the same as 1.14 and earlier.