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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Short-Range Limits Clarification


Hello DPG members,

We just wanted to take a moment and apologize for excluding key details related to the new Short-Range geolocation feature. We are taking measures to prevent this issue from recurring in the future.

There are daily limits on Short-Range creature Drone hunts. The limits are based on Player Level and Rarity and have been implemented to avoid exploits. As a reminder, the following 2.3 Creatures are considered Short-Range:

  • Amphicyon
  • Gorgonops
  • Megistotherium
  • Parasaurolophus Lux

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and your continued feedback and support.

Happy Hunting!

What’s the limits


Exploits? EXPLOITS?! What do you mean by exploits it’s literally called waiting for them to spawn and hunting them? Why would you ever think it’s a brilliant idea to limit wild spawns?


Really bad idea ludia

But as ludia told me in response to a email I sent them that the short range creatures should appear where you live mostly . Nope they really don’t :rofl:


So … what I gather from this is that this mechanic is supposed to encourage playing more … except it doesn’t?

What kind of exploits are you referring to? Spoofing and whatnot are already bannable offences, are they not? Or is playing the game an exploit?


You literally can’t exploit them. Even long range spawns are more “exploitable” because you can scent them, but PLEASE don’t get any ideas. Why are you putting limits on how much we’re allowed to play the game? This is terrible game design, fix this NOW!


Ludia are intent at driving people away by introducing these stupid short range spawns during a pandemic and to top it off putting limits on them .


Why? Why limit people for playing the game? This is a terrible decision. I recommend the team do away with this and go back to the drawing board. this punishes people who play a lot.


Maybe we wouldn’t NEED limits on short range creatures if they weren’t so ridiculously common. Please fix short range spawns. They aren’t adequately distributed to all players, they make it way too difficult to find local spawns without a scent, AND now we find out that there are hard caps on how many you’re even allowed to dart. You all broke three things trying to fix some that wasn’t even an issue!



Why is this now player level based

And what exploits do you even mean? And how would a player level type limit stop an exploit like, say, spoofing? That sounds like an excuse to make it so small accounts can’t get para lux.


So we have a limit on how many short range spawns we get to have? I’m sorry but WHAT THE HECK made you think this was a good idea


short range spwans are horrible. they are super hard to find and never spwan cuz they cant spwan in giga scents. it also makes it so every other dino spwans like 150 meters away which is annoying cuz like every dino is a long range except for 4.

This is outrageous. its unfair. how can short range spawns be horrible, but have limits.


I wouldn‘t blame the mods in the forum. :sweat_smile: I think they do a great job with what they are given.

But I agree. I just cannot get the plan behind it. We have a lockdown here where I live and in some areas in Germany it is completely forbidden to leave the house if not due to specific reasons (med check, buying supplies, etc.). We are also not allowed to leave the house during night, when Para Lux spawns, in some German cities.

It is very annoying and frustrating and I dunno why Ludia felt the need to do this.

Also the Lux mechanics seem to not work properly. While some members I know already have collected tons of Lux DNA and got it to lvl 20, I haven‘t seen a single one. I drove for hours in a car at night and I also walk my dog every late evening in different areas and no Lux yet.

The Lockdown of course makes it even more difficult and I really hope Ludia changes the spawn mechanics.

Do you think there should be limits on how many short range creatures you can dart?
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  • No

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Should Ludia change how short range spawns currently work?
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  • No

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Don’t worry though they will sell a special emoji in store soon to cheer you all up .


You see, here at ludia HQ we strive to make sure you have the most difficult and horrible time playing our games. That’s why for 2.4 were adding limits on scents, now they will only spawn 15 creatures for how ever long they last. We hope you enjoy these changes and remember. We always listen to your feedback, then throw it away cause we don’t care.


:fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife: :fork_and_knife:
(there is no pitchfork emoji)


Bad move Ludia. You continue to fool around with mechanics that are fine as they are but refuse to fix things that have been broken for months or longer…


We always listen to your feedback, and then drink your tears for nourishment



And no likes at all it’s almost like EVERYONE hates this idiotic decision…but that just a theory :upside_down_face:.