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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Short-Range Limits Clarification


As much as I hate this idea, I do hope that Ludia can fix these mistakes


I struggle to think of how short range spawns affect monetisation. Are the themed incubators that profitable, or is this some hare brained scheme from top down to increase engagement?


Nah it can’t be that, since introducing darting limits literally does the exact opposite.


I have a gut feeling Para Lux was designed to force players to play at night and increase time spent. The rest of the short range creatures just seem shoehorned in.

Also it wasn’t just that these limits weren’t in the patch notes, but they also don’t display in game. Unlike every other limited resource and spawn in the game. It’s almost like they knew everyone would hate this and tried to hide it from us. Not cool.


Was discussing with my friend about this. he said that “The failure isn’t in the design of short range creatures, it’s in not managing player expectations upon their release.” and honestly, i think that sums it up pretty well. an important detail that was left out of the release notes. And we still have no idea what the cap is at any player lv because they didn’t tell us yet.


It’s the happy hunting part of the post which amuses me :laughing:

Yeah like as you can see ludia everyone is extremely happy with this :roll_eyes:


This is an absolutely HORRIBLE idea and needs to be reverted in 2.4


Thats fair. But think about what that announcement would be.

"We’re adding a new kind of spawning to the game: short range spawns! These creatures will only be available within your 30m radius. They won’t appear outside of that radius, and as such can’t be found with scents. However, to prevent exploits, there will be a hard cap on the number of these creatures you’re able to dart. At the same time, it will become much, much harder to find zone exclusive creatures at close range, so keep those giga scents handy!

Would that have made you feel any better? It’s still a terrible descision whether you sugar coat it or not. I think enough people in the community would still be able to smell the bull shark.


A man can dream, right?


I hate to change the topic but I have a clarification to ask:

Are hybrid pursuit spawns and global/local proximity spawns affected by the limit? It seems they are, or that they were at 2.3’s launch. Is this intentional? This topic seems to say only the 4 listed creatures are capped.

It would be dumb to limit global/local/pursuit spawns this way, but given the general trend in 2.3 nothing is too outlandish.


never said i agreed with my friend. just posted what they said in response to this announcement. Still would’ve thought it was a crap system as i see no reason to limit something you can’t target hunt like event spawns or apex raids.


With the spawns being limited their spawn rate should be far higher and they should stop spawning after the limit has been reached, so we won’t spawn creatures only to get a big fat nope in our face when we spawn another epic dog/legendary Para.

Just remove short spawns in general…what were you guys thinking? Do the words “global pandemic” mean anything to you at all?


If short range creatures weren’t exclusive to short range and spawned like everything else, their spawn rates wouldn’t need to be so much higher. That seems like the root of the problem to me.

Can I clarify something? Short range spawns has vastly greater spawn rates. More than twice that of Trex. The limits is to ensure spoofers can’t just go out and dart 50k of it a night. I think the limit is fine as the increase spawn rates have such increased rates to find. Finding 10 epics of 1 dino in a day is well above average for anyone. So not quite sure where the fuss is coming from. The problem before was that globals were included in this limit. Now that they are no longer included the limit is down to a single point of creatures. Short range exclusives.

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Really I very rarely see any short range spawns
Even if I am walking so that can’t be right .

Ludia could not have picked a worse time to put this in.


Really because a ton of players that go out and hunt a lot are well over 3k+ already. Myself included whos sitting around 9k right now of Megi dna. And 30k of the rare.