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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Showcase Creatures (July 13,2020)

Hello DPG members,

We are aware of the mismatched Showcase creatures image and the Incubator creatures.
We are currently looking into it and will keep you posted!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


yeah hello sorries…bye bye allosaurus

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thank you for working on it and for working so hard on 2.0


okay. there was a glitch today were it showed me in an alliance when i searched it and they accepted me, but when i went to collect the rewards it said that i wasn,t in an alliance so i didn’t get to get the rewards

Can you just released the 1.15 Patch Notes ready pls.

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It won’t be 1.15 though. It’s 2.0 lol


any PLAN B? C?

Is this game run by middle schoolers??? You guys are constantly messing up on everything and it’s ridiculous


Will we get anything for this?

Sounds like even the dev doesn’t know which showcase creatures are the right one. That’s a bit worrying …

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Better keep Dimetrodon and Allo G2 in. Dimetrodon hasn’t been in events in MONTHS, and Allo G2 being exclusive is just dumb. They’re also the only 2 interesting dinos in the entire event.


If anyone has seen archeotherium, that could be a sign to know if the image is correct

Dime gen 2 is out and incubators are off. Ludia screwed up again. Doubtful they can actually fix the week to include allo gen 2 as shown in the graphic. How a company can continually be this incompetent is beyond me.


If you do not take care of your employees and reward/forgive mistakes then the work ethic will suffer.

I think Ludia has to look at itself in the mirror and ask what it wants long term for the company. Staff come and go.


Well I hope you can fix it. I don’t want baryonyx no way you can keep seco here, get bary out of here! Allo g2 in for me :frowning:

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i just started to play one punch man…

So will there be allo gen 2 cause I really need it

Well it has to be done before Wednesday To fix it

This won’t be fixed but would like to be proven wrong

The wait is killing me please fix it and put allo gen 2 and dimetrodon