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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Skoonasaurus Hybrid Pursuit

Due to spawn issues encountered for some players during this Hybrid Pursuit’s initial run, the Skoonasaurus Hybrid Pursuit will recommence starting May 24th, 2021 10:00 AM ET.

Enjoy the pursuit of happy playing! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Thanks for this! :+1:

Although I believe all players encountered it.


Applause :clap::clap::clap:


Hahahaha « some » players. Good one guys. Art of not completely acknowledge our errors.

Anyway, thanks for keeping the promess that was made and actually quickly for once.
Can we expect the Majundaboa pursuit to be triggered again too ? The Titanoboa Gen2 week had completely inaccurate spawn odds for a rare pursuit.

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THANK YOU for listening to us


Yay! Second chance at Skoona! :grin:

Hopefully Sonorosaurus will actually SPAWN this time!

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We definitely do our best! :blush:


I have only seen one Antarctopelta during this whole week…that spawn occurred when we started a T-rex raid…My North American friends in the alliance tell me that they have been darting 1-2 Antarctopelta every day…

Please don’t show the map when the raid starts. Period…it is frustrating to see an epic or a creature we are looking to dart spawn when the raid starts. I would suggest the scent to be paused when we enter a raid lobby.

I have given up on the hybrid pursuit completely…the creatures just don’t spawn…the max I get is 3-4 when it comes to epics…

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Just checking is this event active today because on the news in game all I see is for they hybrid pursuit for koolasuchus, not sonorasaurus.

Sonorasaurus is for the last week of the pursuit.

Ah I misread the news then I thought it was just for sonora and not resetting the whole event. Cool then, thank you :blush:

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4 days,no Koola’s,am I unlucky enough that rng doesnt spawn koolas for 4 days.

Can nodapadititan get a group decelerating rampage for your next update please both of the creatures that make it have a rampage.Can it get a 20 percent critical chance as well since giraffititan has it


Yes plz give nodotitan a buff Ludia it was my favorite creature now one of my least because of the attack and some moves


Ye true it’s mediocre at the moment

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Ikr It really needs a buff It really deserves a second chance to probe powerful in teams.


I wish they could buff it but nah they don’t listen

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Hey, would you mind making a new topic for that rather than bumping this unrelated post? Also, if you have some suggestions for how to buff Noodletitan, that would be even better to read! Thanks.


Yeah sorry About that.I am gonna be unlocking skoona from the tournaments soon