[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events Changes (Update)


A permanent solution is on the way!

A new version of the game will allow for both the Special Event Supply Drops and the regular Supply Drops to spawn. This should significantly increase the number of spawning dinosaurs and will allow us to return to our 24-hour cycle for the daily Special Events.

Keep an eye on the forum, we’ll announce the new update as soon as it’s available!




awesome i cant wait for the return of 24 hours :slight_smile:


Would be nice to see something decent changed for the good of the game not to line anyone’s pockets


Where is the cash from spinning stops? I have not had it appear a single time. If this is not something that is implemented, can we do something to increase the $$ given by the free incubators? if i somehow opened all mine in a day i get 14$ ~ish… can we just make it one ever 8 hours with $8? this would make it a lot easier as you know… normal humans sleep for 8 hours, or work for 8 hours…


Thanks, can’t wait :cowboy_hat_face: hopefully get some better spawns in my area lol


Plan to increase Rare attempts as well since some rares require 200 DNA every try for some legends. Maybe increase it to 5 or 6. It also makes sense with the rarity of the Dino.


Good news about returning to the 24 hours because where I am currently there are 4 small green areas and not a single special supply drop


There we go, a solution for everyone AND regular dino spawns as well. Thanks Ludia, great fix!

But indeed imo rares should be at 5 or even 6. Having half a level 17’s rare DNA would make sense to me. Currently it is about 1/3, level 11, decent throws and VIP. Would imagine any low level, non vip and bad thrower out there would have a hard time.

Hybrid crafting requires at least 150 - 200 DNA to create one, If unlucky you won’t even have a hybrid after a week of catching event dinosaurs, that would be a bummer. Increasing the rare cap would almost guarantee everyone having a cool hybrid! Just that & the event would be perfect! :hugs::wink:


Will they still only be in parks or anywhere now?


This event clearly isn’t for the high level players needing the DNA for hybrids. Let’s not ask too much of their first event :wink:
They’ll work their way up to more dinos in the game, a different meta game, more content and possible game modes and then we’ll start seeing a lot more of everything, especially during events. Just like PoGo did it. You’re basically spoon fed with rare Pokemon in PoGo these days. At least the rare Pokemon which were hard to come by when PoGo first launched.


I have no idea what you’re talking about… They’re literally changing this for the good of the game. 24 hours of normal spawns around parks were taken away from us. Then 12 hours(still bad). Now they have a solution for everyone.


Thanks to ludia for quick and good react about event! This shows very much!


Will those of us who were unable to get the epic and rares due to this change have another opportunity to get them? Or should i uninstall the game now?


Perfect solution, well done to you and the rest of the team, thanks!


Also maybe make the vip a little more VIP. If you want to keep your customer bases . I am currently trying the Vip and I’m not really seeing any significant benefits for spending that kind of money. If something does not upgrade with the IPI will be canceling the Vip. For the amount of money it cost I expect something More substantial.


Will you bring back the Ankylosaurus? My son and I missed it entirely because there was no announcement in the game about the change and the event ran from 11pm to 11am in Australia while we slept then went to school/work. We thought we were going to hunt it in the afternoon after his school but needless to say they were no more then :frowning:

It was extremely unfair for people living in our time zone. Please do something about that. Maybe run the Ankylosaurus event again for the missed 12 hours (11am-11pm Australian Eastern Time)?


Hmmmm…looks like 6:14pm PDT right now. Event is 7a-7p. Where are my dinos? poof. They’re hanging out with the bugs


BTW, SIGNIFICANTLY better solution:

Step 1 - suspend the event. All of it.

Step 2 - fix the bugs

Step 3 - give everyone 24 hours notice if it took more than a day or two to fix, then resume the event. The WHOLE event.

Why this wasn’t done is baffling. The 12 hour “solution” just did a good job of pissing BOTH casual and more hardcore players.


Yep. Another Australian here missing out on event now. Starting it at 11pm and ending at 11am really doesn’t help us poor Aussies very much. :pensive: