[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events Changes


We’ve heard your feedback regarding Special Event Supply Drops replacing regular Supply Drops in and around parks. Our team is currently looking into alternatives. In the meantime, we will be temporarily dropping the length of the Daily Special Events from 24 to 12 hours.

This will be made effective as of June 6th at 9 am EDT.

IMPORTANT new information here.



Why would people complain about this?
The event supply drops are better than the normal ones.


Its because they only spawn event dinosaurs in certain areas; so they dont spawn regular ones unless lucky spawns.


My parks don’t spawn non event dinosaurs anyways.
I have to go to the shopping district across the street to catch dinosaurs.

This has led me catching dinosaurs on one side of the road and easy dart replenishing in the park on the other side of the road.


Well that rules out any chance of me playing in this event as i work 12 hour days. Starting at 9 am edt,


The 24 hour event is more suitable for most people around the globe, the 12 hour event will not be suitable for guys who are on the other end of the globe as just 2 hours will be during the playable hours and the rest would be during hours when we sleep… so the 24 hour event is better one.


Where do I normally report a bug for this event?
I’m playing the German version in Switzerland and today it only allowed me to hunt 2 Dilophosaurus but when I tried to catch another one it shows up as 3/3.
I’m sure that I only caught two before. The first time I got 56 DNA and the second time 37.
That brings me to a total of the 93 that are on the display…

Also, it would be great, if you could make the event dinosaurs disappear as soon as you finished the quest. Because all the Drops in my Village are green and there are absolutely no other dinosaurs that I could try to catch, which made the last two day a little bit boring… :confused:


Well I might as well uninstall this app now - there’s no point to playing if I can’t even have the same advantage as others do. I work too much for this “12 hour window” to be in any way helpful. Too bad I spent money on this already. Thanks for ruining this game for those who have jobs.


Can we all please take a seat, breath in and out please? Stop panicing lol. So i repeat the most important sentence here:

Our team is currently looking into alternatives.

In other words relax they are looking for a solution. It won’t stay like this for days. Its exactly for players like @sarluna they are trying something different Relax; they are working on a solution for everyone.


No Ludia you got it wrong. Don’t decrease the event duration time, many people work during the hours so it’s fine.

First- Make rares into 5 or 6 attempts instead of 3. It should only make sense with the rarity gap and really, it encourages people to go out more.

Second- Maybe just remove the featured Dino from the special spawn once a pkayer has exhausted the attempts. Turn it back to normal.


Wasn’t rare supposed to be 6 or 8 times to collect DNA. Why change it to only 3 times. Unless I’m mistaken which then… why only 3 times. Rares should be easier and more obtainable than an epic. That’s the point of a rank system.


24 hours was fine, I don’t see the point in making it 12 hours. Some people will miss the window because of work or sleep.

3 attempts for rare and epic is too little. It should be at least 4-5-6 attempts.

In villages which have no parks (like my village) there should be an alternative to collect the event dinos. Currently I have to travel 20 km to the city to find parks…


The effective starts at 9:00 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) in America
And in Europe the effective starts at 3:00 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time).


Thanks to all the developers working hard to keep this game running. I love this game and I’m sure many of us can agree. Can’t wait to see all the new things to come in the future. :smiley:


And for the record, the patch notes states the event times will change from 24 hours to 12 hours TEMPORARILY. Not PERMANENTLY. So every can relax


Why not toggle event 2 hours on 2 hours off. Yes it’s still only 12 hours event but would be spread over 24 hours and would accommodate everyone with something.


Well they should patch it at 9 am edt so we’ll see’ actually a good suggestion. Everyone would have some kind of window to catch them!

But today and tomorrow is the big day! According to FB the stegodeus’s dinosaurs (nodo, apato and stego) will spawn in the weekend so… We will be getting the dracorex (new dino) or the anky today!!! I hope its the draco im really wondering what it is. :heart_eyes::heart::checkered_flag:


Dino lord here the great and only!

So the change to 12 hours very smart. Increasing perhaps 3-6 for rare and leaving epic at 3 I can see reasonable👍 Your game is great but please implement something better for monthly members who pay I never 99.9% of the time get money from spins like it advertised or showed in a picture . I have been playing since beta I believe but few changes I could mention more but save for another time those are the most important. Btw I love how you have 24 hour and 12 hour incubators available to win and option to speed up thanks for that !


Any change the daily special event to only 24 hours that doesn’t seem fair unless it’s the same dinosaurs after 12 hours and is just a second chance to catch it but you haven’t made it clear if that’s the case