[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events (Diplocaulus Chaos)


Hello fellow DPG members,

Our apologies for the Special Events being down yesterday. We were experiencing technical difficulties…


The issue has been resolved and the overgrown ankle-biter has been calmed - always keep treats nearby. Apologies again for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support!


What a pathetic apology


This apology should have come out during the event outage, not after it has come back up.

First you told us hours after the outage that there was a problem, yes we already knew that. Second you tell us after the event has returned that it is now working again, yes we already knew that.

So it makes me question that, although your communication is poor, what is the point in you communicating at all??? :confused:


Thanks for the communication. I’d rather have it late than never.

I would suggest you to keep us informed sooner (in the forum or twitter, whatever official support) to prevent some angry people to keep stockpiling posts about it :joy:

And since it affected only a (small) part of the game, considering we can still do the event with plenty of time left, I accept your apologies…this time :innocent: (but lock that diplocaulus !!)


Just make sure to inform us. A lot of us waiting for what happen. But it ok. Keep the good work. And thank for making a great game. :slight_smile:


Me thought the pteranodons had taken the event spins and the mosausarus was busy eating them to bring the event spins back. How many imaginary creatures are you going to blame for this debacle? There have been 2 large debacles in less than a week, it was ok when you blamed it on blue, I like to give people some leeway to joke a bit when they mess up… but now it’s just incompetence and flat jokes when you have to recycle the same joke but change the players and punchline 3 times in a week.


One of the basic principles of communications is to communicate to the right audience with the right content using the right medium at the right time. If this happens in my organization I would have had to have a stern talk with my head of comms. Oh well. :joy:




Everyone: The birds are useless, I hate them, what’s the point in wasting coins and darts on them?



Can’t speak for everyone else but I just want the coins from the green supply drops :rofl:


Just too late.
This announcement must be here about 24 hrs ago.
Also must be in every player’s in game mailbox.


And for god’s sake, keep your labyrinthodont amphibians away from the servers!


Also must leave my place.:rage:
Hate those Diplocaulus & Iguanodons around here everyday.


And their cousins Koolasuchus too, every time I use an epic scent capsule, those creepy things are the only epics who show up :joy:


This is how we roll at the DPGPRC:


See, no loose animals. Well, not the ones that tend to break stuff, anyway.


Combine the limit of coins from green supply drops with that of normal ones, because I can not collect coins from green supply drops when these damn flying chickens are on them.


Our break room is a whole different story, though… LOL


That’s usually caused by a collision error when the dino spawns underneath it. The game just freaks out. The best way I’ve found to get around this is to go ahead and hit the dino or ptero, then hit the drop. Some drops that haven’t spawned yet can still be used, it’s just sometimes hard to find them at certain times.


The only reason I dart the common and rare flying creatures is just so that I can spin the supply drops after. However, it still doesn’t allow me to collect the maximum amount of coins.


Thanks for the answer, but I know that and I don’t have unlimited attempts for event flying chickens, so after I use every attempt it is impossible to collect coins. If they do not know how to fix it they should combine coin limit and I would collect all coins from normal supply drops.