[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events Rework


Special Events Updated

Special Events are no longer necessarily linked to a single creature. In light of this, the attempt count will no longer be linked to any one creature, instead, it will represent the event as a whole.

Events can now last multiple days and include several creatures. You may choose to use your total attempts as you best see fit.

Note: When an event features multiple creatures, their spawning is randomly generated. All creatures in the same event have the same percent chance of being generated.


  • What does 36 attempts mean? You can exclusively chase 36 Sarcosuchus OR 12 each creature OR any other combination of the 3 creatures with a MAX of 36 attempts during the event’s 48 hour duration.


Weekly Dinosaur

Well, this does sound interesting, useful for local spawns where you get a lot of one dino but not enough of the other. Let’s hope it works as well as it sounds!


Can you please give examples of each type (common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique) and be more specific? I’m really not understanding what you mean at all. Thank you!


One epic per 6 hours? If somebody has only few event SD nearby, they will be so unhappy with this.

But Ludia is the best in making players unhappy and mad. So go on.


Nice improvement from the current events (I think it is because many complaints of the 3 chances for epic and 1 chance for unique).
At least now we can choose. Let’s say 2 commons like Tany & the crocodile thingy so it is 24 attempts (previously 12 each) - I don’t want the crocodile so I can make 24 attempts for Tany only.
So hopefully if 2 epics like TRex & Stygi we would get 6 attempts (previously 3 each) - then I would want to use all 6 for TRex only.


I feel like this is a great idea, so we can decide how to allocate the attempts! Please put kaprosuchus in an event soon, I need tons of those :rofl::rofl:


Just make sure that if you put two rares in the event, we get 12 attempts in total. I will never stop defending that rares deserves 6 attempts, not 3.


The thing I find the most confusing about the table is that it lists respawn rate and does not list the maximum attempts allowed for each of the Creature Types. I thought the “respawn” time and the “attempts” were two totally different things. Why aren’t the attempts listed? Does this mean that the “attempts” are being eliminated?

Does this mean that if I capture the creature at that location that nobody else can capture the creature until it respawns or only means I can’t capture it again at that location until it respawns?

After capturing, could I go to another park to capture it until I hit the maximum allowed attempts? (If that is even a factor at this point, I can’t tell from the above chart and stated information.)

I asked for clarification but haven’t received any. I would appreciate if the OP would clarify.



I think it will depend on the combination of dinos available at the given time period.
We all know commons have 12 attempts each so if there’s 2 commons given for the event that means 24. But as of now we can only predict based on the previous event numbers.
I think the attempts will be the same as previous events - if you have made an attempt on the dino, it will respawn after the time allocated given its rarity (the ones listed). Hopefully the other dino will also be available at the same time at the same spot.
Many of us are lucky coz we have several event locations nearby so we can go to each and every one to attempt without waiting for the respawn.


Nice, now i get irritator. please explain this event . in one day no have only one Dino ?


How do we know which 2 are next or if they are singular or double dinos? Also the 24 attempts is that just at the first 2 over 48hours or is tht total amount for the whole week?


So the way this is working is we have 48hrs to catch two dinos, in this case, Tany and Sarcho. Because Commons have 12 attempts, we have 24 tries to get what we want within 48hrs. It looks like since we’re getting two days to go after two dinos, the final dino we’ll only have 24hrs to obtain, which means those attempts probably won’t be doubled.


I strongly suggest players to always check metahub for new updates - they are very consistent and provide useful insights.
The newest one is about this new event and according to the writer (not proven yet) maybe Rares have increased to 5 attempts each


5 would be nice. Would balance things out quite nicely too.


What is the meta hub and where is it located? Can you post a link please.


That wasn’t me that suggested metahub. Google it, you’ll find it.


Oh Ok, gotcha… thank you.


Very good analysis and advice regarding this week’s event here:


But they have 5? They switched it on this update


What they don’t tell you is that you have to spend so many attempts on the lower dino, just to get to the better of the 2. So you technically don’t have any more passes as we thought… at least that was my experience on this first round…