[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events


DPG Members,

We’re excited to announce SPECIAL EVENTS starting on June 4th!


A Featured Dinosaur will spawn under a Special Event Supply Drop at local parks and surrounding areas. The Featured Dinosaur will change daily at 10 am EDT.

  • You have a limited number of Drone attempts to collect DNA from the Featured Dinosaur, so make them count! The dinosaur will respawn after an allotted amount of time. Drone attempts and spawn time will vary based on the creature’s rarity. The respawn time for the Featured Dinosaur only affects the Special Event Supply Drop you collect it from. If others are around, you can still collect more DNA!

  • SPECIAL EVENTS are colored green and paired with the Featured Dinosaur. Please note that the maximum cap for regular Supply Drop (SD) still applies.


Check your game daily to find out which dinosaur is being featured!

Enjoy and play safe!

IMPORTANT changes to Special Events here


Great Idea, I will look forward to see what are the featured dinosaurs !


Can’t wait I love this game


This is amazing im super excited! Finally more epic attemps beside random spawns! :smiley:

I do hope its not only local dinosaurs. I would love to finally catch more carnivores in my rural area (mainly herbivore area)!!

Also; is there a possibillity to pin such topics? I haven’t seen this one until now since it got bumped.

How do you get the new dinosaurs?

This is nice
There should be something like Community day in Pokemon GO too !


Great! You should do something like this for neighborhoods too


I hope this event is generous, since there’s a max amount of attempts. Meaning, I’m totally down for biking all over my town to find all the green supply drops and note which ones I have to return to in 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours but if it’s like 1 in 100 then I might be lucky to see one or two of them.

Anyways, awesome to already see special events like this! :smiley:


LOL exactly my plan; at 4ish PM they reset here (just enough to check before dinner); quick bike tour and return in the evening for one more catch. Then you still have an attempt in the morning, which is great! I hope Epics do spawn on a regular basis as in; in a wide area at least once a week. Also excited for rares, but epics are soo valuable!


Starting June 4th! On my birthday! I’ll accept an easy epic catch as my present! :joy:


Thank you so much for having this here. I love knowing exactly how a game works!


i would have love to see this in the weekend. june 4th is on a monday most people will be working


I’m enjoying this game but I hardly see any dinosaurs near me and most of the areas aren’t possible to reach unless for a GPS glitch which gets me I’m minimum range. Hopefully the spawn zones won’t be to far for this event.


This is awesome but please don’t forget us rural players that do not live near a town and cannot easily just zip off/over to one. That is one of the reason I hate and no longer play PokemonGO…none ever spawned near us…EVER.


When finish this event?
Congrats for the game


Awesome :grin: hope to see more events. The game came out amazing


The game is really interesting so far so I can’t wait for the event.


Please. Can you guys make so you can add friends and battle with them live!


Great game so far with amazing graphics but I was wondering if there will eventually be a distance/walking reward? Such as every 2 miles you will receive a common incubator or if you can implement daily login rewards?


We need Achievement system…


Since there are only 4 drops in my entire town, should be easy (irony)…