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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events


Events don’t start until 10 edst and of course its a workday.


Wooo! Day 1 of the event, and we get a nice common, un-splicable (at the time of posting) Gen 2 Triceratops!


Go to google map and type ‘park’. Everything you can find with a tree image should look dark green; go there for loads of events!! Unfortunately only commons so far lol.

Also; you can ‘only’ attempt a dino 12x, 6x or 3x even on other spinners!! So make them count!(I already caught multiple and will be full now).


1st day of the event is a waste for me. A common dino that doesn’t even fuse to make a better one, no value in grinding a bunch to fuse. Guess I’ll wait till tomorrow


Can I ask what your using to play your game with? Your game looks different to mine (I have no icons over the dinosaurs etc.)


Nokia 6.1 2018 4gb ram version (blue one) ‘only’ 320€ at it runs this game smooth as hell! Nokia is definitely back i love this smartphone and JWA! Ar works as well. (:


Are the max attempts daily or can you attempt again once they respawn? So far i got 12 and it says event completed.


12 is the max daily tries for the Trike. You’ll have to wait until the refresh tomorrow. But GOOD NEWS! That means a different dino :sunglasses:


How does this work?
I found 2 but I did not get a special dino or something.
Or do I have to go search for other spots untill I got lucky??


Those are no icons. But they are the special drop places


Yes indeed; the max attempts is your daily count! But like 4/7 featured dinosaurs are never in my area (or lucky) so thats great! I can play in my neighbourhood without being forced to go elsewhere…

The green supply drops should spawn the special dinosaur once you approach it. They spawn like regular dinosaurs under any supply drop. If you want more of them you need to wait until it comes back (cooldowns are 1h, 3h and 6h) or find a different park of course. Good luck!!


I thought I was having the same problem but I realized that if you have an Android phone, push and hold on the location icon in your top menu, it will bring you to some location settings and you can choose high accuracy which will drain your battery faster but it will give you better location accuracy


I’m a bit bummed that you can only get the featured animal 12 times. I literally have them surrounding me right now and I have already accrued all 12! I’m sure this to make sure that nobody is cheating or anything, but it bums me because the Triceratops right off the bat! I would ask maybe you could trade and some cash or coins to get more chances to get that feature dinosaur, but if you can’t, that’s OK. Just a bummer I can’t get more.


I got it here in Brazil.


so… is it only 1 dino a day? I am from Spain and I didn’t quite understand the whole event, does this mean that tomorrow the dino will be different?


Why???, this idea is super duper, but the problem is, that parks that are existing, aren’t in game? maybe half of them, in my town are two parks, in game nothing… I don’t want to go every time to far away town for these new events :/// Ludia pls FIX


Southern California is chuck full! Where you hunting?


Y are rare and epic got the same attempts 3 each y not give us 6 attempts for rare so it would be 12 for common 6 for rare and 3 for epics


I was also thinking the same really. Increase it to 5 or 6 is a good idea. Rares will need significantly more DNA compared to epics to level; then again ‘not that much’ over a common but still…

Im level 11; my level rare dilo 17 requires 1.500 XP to level up. I can catch this guy in my neighborhood pretty much all the time. It also is featured this week but ‘just’ for 3 catches seems such a small XP pool; especially since it doesn’t have a hybrid. Even then you’ll quickly run out of DNA since it still is 50 DNA / fuse.

If i’m lucky most rares are ~ 150 DNA / catch. 3 would give me 450 which is almost 10 fuses (150 - 200 needed to create a hybrid; if unlucky you can’t even create the hybrid) and 1/3 for level 18. Doubling it would pretty much guarantee a hybrid attempt (its still level 11 - still ‘useless’ in higher arenas!) and also make sure i get serious DNA vs catching them in the wild. In other words ; any new player will quaranteed have AT LEAST some kind of hybrid after a week of hard earned DNA from events (and a huge smile on their face)! Imo it still requires loads of efford to locate the events in your area; especially if you know certain dinosaurs cant be caught in your area. With last increased spawn update rarity isn’t a huge issue anymore since it got buffed; so i’d rather have more attempts to catch a rare vs. having to deal with ‘not so’ rare rares.


Good luck everyone they are about to spawn again!! :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag: